Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Trek Enterprise NCC -1701 link to 666 exposed

The Star Trek series of movies and television shows has been very popular for decades. There

are those that are concerned about suspected connections to the New World Order and the

innocent-appearing brainwashing of the public to accept Illuminati government and interaction

with nonhuman entities.



2. The creator of Star Trek was a freemason: .

The Star Trek Enterprise is (fictional spaceship) number NCC - 1701. .

3. The number 1701 is linked to The Number of the Beast 666: .

4. 1701 is the current number of licensed gambling locations in Las Vegas , Nevada also known

as Sin City. The antichrist is also known as THE MAN OF SIN. .

5. The Number 1701 figures prominently in the Lunar Nutation Cycle. .

6. The ancient name of the Moon god was Sin and the primary city of his worship was in

latitudinal alignment with Las Vegas.


It is almost inconceivable that a strange number such as 1701 would have been chosen by

Gene Roddenberry without some research , analysis and calculation. The only known number

of importance that links up with that number is 666. The only known issue of importance with

which that number connects is the lunar nutation cycle. This is not coincidence. It is a game ,

a masonic "joke" - one of many - foisted on the public sheeple. Make them cheer for 666 and the

good guys who travel the Universe getting involved in others' business. Much like the new

imperialists of the capitalist regimes ruled by closet freemasons in the western world.

COINCIDENCE or Klingon Conspiracy? You decide?

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