Saturday, May 16, 2009

333 Devil's Hour linked to Texas Star Ferris Wheel

This writer awoke this morning and looked at the digital clock. The time was 3:33 a.m. This

number has an ominous significance in this writer's life. A serious problem developed at a 333

address and then continued to a 213 address , years ago , before this writer was aware of the

illuminati numerological phenomena.

A Revelation: After the stroke of midnight....3:33 a.m. is the 213th minute of the new day. This

means that 213 is a filler or code for 333 , a number linked to the Illuminati and the evil guardian

of the Abyss - Choronzon.

See Background on 333: and and .

1. The Tate Modern Museum in the illuminati global center of London will be 213 feet high and

be shaped as a quasi pyramid.

2. What many suspect to be a pyramid in Visoko , Bosnia , near Sarajevo is believed by others

to be a 213 meter tall "hill". Scroll to bottom and see photo. .

3. The (current) tallest ferris wheel in the USA in 33rd parallel Dallas , Texas is 213 feet tall. .

4. Ferris Wheels have been linked to the Illuminati as they form giant "Eye" symbols. This

phenomenon has been previously linked to the Cheops Pyramid. .

5. Go to and insert 213 x pi. The answer is 669.159235 . Turn the 9 upside

down and you have 666.

6. 3:33 a.m. is "The Devil's Hour" and supposedly the hours between 3 and 6 a.m. are when

spirit world manifestations are strongest. This may be due to the presence of unevaporated dew

or water vapor at that time making manifestation easier. .

Therefore , the 213th minute of the new Day is the Devil's Hour. The tallest Ferris Wheel in the

USA in masonic 33rd parallel Dallas is symbolic of the Eye of the Devil and Choronzon.

7. August 1st is the 213th day of the Year (ordinary - not leap year). This is the witches

holiday of Lammas Day. Human or Animal Sacrifices are required on this day for satanists. - .


The evil lies unseen until the witching hour. Can you handle the truth or will you wake up

when it is too late...too late...too late? You didn't listen to the alarm bells ringing while you had

the last chance.

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