Monday, May 11, 2009

Angels & Demons links Pi to Nephilim Bloodline

The movie , starring Tom Hanks , named Angels & Demons opens on May 14, 2009. It is the

second movie based on novels by Dan Brown. The first was The DaVinci Code which portrayed

the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene having been married , had children , and the offspring

still alive and walking amongst us today , protected by a Secret Society known as the Priory of

The present movie, Angels & Demons has to do with an Illuminati plot to destroy the Vatican.

Many believe that the previous book and movie , The DaVinci Code , had a hidden meaning and

symbolism and that appears to be true with the new movie as well. This is what has been

discovered at present.

1. The movie Angels and Demons opens on May 14. This would be written numerically 5-14 or

numerologically as 514. SEE:

scroll to near bottom (although article is worth reading entirely) " Angels and Demons is

released on May 14." This is the opening day in the UK and for prescreening views in the USA.

2. What is 514 ? 5 minutes and 14 seconds = 314 seconds. These are the numbers for Pi - 3.14 .

See: Pi - 3.14 at : / .

3. This usage has been provided previously in the movie THE MATRIX in which Neo had 314

seconds to decipher a code. and scroll down 60% .

4. Further research discovered the following: Go to , then insert 514 cubits

and hit search. The result is 514 cubits = 235.0008 meters .

These are the same numbers as the 23.5 Degree Angle Poussin Code. / and .

These are the same numbers as the 23.5 Degree link to the so-called Royal Bloodline: .

This would then allude to the possibility that the bloodline is somehow linked to Pi or that

solving the answer to Pi answers the riddle of what the bloodline is all about.

5. May 15 is the Official opening day of Angels and Demons in the USA. .

6. What is May 15? 5-15 or 515. These numbers refer to the length of Noah's Ark and are

therefore important in Freemasonry which views Noah as The First Freemason.'s%20Ark.htm .

7. Noah's Ark carried with it , possibly in error , the Nephilim Bloodline.

"Here's the shocker, Jehovah's Great Flood failed to eradicate the Nephilim!! Canaan's offspring
mysteriously included families of Giants, Nephilim survivors. (Cannan son of Ham, Ham son of
Noah.) Nephilim descendants must have infiltrated Noah's family, and were saved from death
INSIDE THE ARK. " scroll down 60% .

8. In Europe , the date May 15 would be written 15-5 for the fifteenth day of the fifth month.

155. In military time, 1:55 p.m. would be 13:55 Hours. What is 1355 ? It is again, a coded

metaphor for Pi. 355/113 is a known symbol for Pi. . Reversed it would be 113/355 which

has almost the exact sequence for reverse Pi. As known , the movie Angels and Demons contains

anagrams which are codes in which names are reversed. and .


The opening date of Angels & Demons contains hidden references to Pi. These point to the

theory of a special bloodline , be it Nephilim , Davidic , ... unknown. This is the same premise as

the DaVinci Code. There now appears to be a link to Pi and The Bloodline. More research is

needed to complete any theory of what this ultimately means.

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