Monday, May 11, 2009

Gold Capital of the World sits on 666 Ley Line

The numerology tool is useful in determining how various "coincidences" are in fact, anything

but that. Research has shown an odd discovery regarding Johannesburg, South Africa. This City

called frequently the Gold Capital of the World is located directly on a satanic ley line.

This may explain the unexpected discovery of gold there as well as the fact that Cecil Rhodes,

the founder of the Round Table of elitists working for a World Government ruled by the demonic

entity known as the antichrist , used that city as his launch platform for the evil project.

1. Johannesburg is the Gold Capital of the World. "Johannesburg is the only major city in the

world whose origins spring from gold" .

2. Digital Gold may be the future world currency. It will replace the dollar and be traded

electronically. Globalists are already speaking of moving in this direction. Control of South

Africa will be crucial for this project to be placed in effect. and and .

3. The number 2583 is the only number known to share certain characteristics with 666. That

number is linked to The Mark of the Beast which is inserted in the right palm or forehead and

without which one can "neither buy nor sell". It makes one dependent economically on "The

System". Could this be a Digital Gold system with the e-commerce taking place in chips inserted

in the body? See 2583 - 666 : .

4. Miami, Florida is located on latitude line 25.8 N. It is the voodoo and witchcraft capital of

America. It just so happens that the square root of 666 begins with 25.8.

5. The Latitude of Johannesburg , South Africa corresponds directly with 2583, a metaphor or

code for 666 and the Square Root of 666. It is 25.83 S. Latitude. .


Gold is Money. Money is the Root of All Evil. Now , you know why...


Mark Herpel said...

China is now the world's largest producer of gold, S. Africa is out as of last year.

Digital gold currency is a great solution for global money and trade but it won't ever come down to ONE world currency, maybe thousands of brands of gold currency but not one.


Holy Spirit Army said...

Dear Mr. Herpel:

1. You forget that the antichrist will be chinese (one starts with a 1 in 6 chance from the get go). and

2. The Annunaki created us as slaves, specifically to mine gold. . Thanks for your input.

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