Sunday, January 27, 2008

Torah 613 links Scotland Pyramid to Wynn's Casino in Sin City

The super-mathematician Pythagoras stated that nothing happened by coincidence. Using that

as a fact or at least truism allows for a clearer analysis of the illuminati phenomenon. The forces

behind the human actors, be they fallen angels, reptilians or what have you utilize a number

based science to effectuate their goals which we in our ignorance refer to as "magic".

The purpose of this article is to illustrate briefly another example of mystical synchronicity

and disguised codes and meanings hiding behind a veil of "coincidence".

This one connects-the-dots on a link between the Torah's 613 commandments and a suspected

pyramid in Scotland to the hyper RFID-enabled Wynn's Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether

Pythagoras is correct or not ... as left to the reader.


1. The Torah was the jewish law supposedly given to Moses by G-d. and . This law

according to some versions of judaism had 613 Commandments as noted on the articles linked

above. One can find volumes of information by simply google - Torah 613 Moses - .

2. Using the number 613 as a code or symbol one then discovers that the tallest building in

Egypt is 613 feet tall. Odd, that the building would be this height, the number of the law given

to Moses who had just taken the wealth of Egypt, killed the Pharaoh and his army and all the

non-jewish first born children in that land. .

3. It now has been noted that there are those that believe that the original inhabitants of

Scotland were ancient egyptians. The Scota. It is interesting to note that a suspected pyramid

in that country is 613 feet tall. North Berwick Law is the name of the hill/pyramid. scroll down

90% . see

photo: Hill or buried pyramid? 613 feet tall. Scota name of egyptian princess from which comes

the name Scotland. .

4. Steve Wynn or Win (the name was changed by his father and is not original ) is jewish. His

casino is the most RFID chip enabled casino in the world, as best known to this writer. or google

RFID Wynn Casino.

5. The Wynn's Casino is 613 feet in height. "Wynn plays down his jewish ancestry" but not,

apparently when it comes to the Number of the TORAH 613 being the height in feet of the one

mega-casino project he names after himself. . .

COINCIDENCE? The reader must decide if Pythagoras is correct or not. If Pythagoras was

correct the meaning may then be 613 WINS.

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