Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pythagoras 50 links Merovingians to EU and Holy Roman Empire

An unusual geospatial connection has been discovered that seems to "coincidentally" link three

major empires or dynasties associated with the illuminati. The connection is based on the

number 50. This number has importance based on its position as the highest "holiest" number

according to super-mathematician and Mystery School denizen, Pythagoras.

Oddly, it also happens to be the number of States in the USA. After reaching a total of 50, the

great masonic experiment known as the United States of America seemed to lose all interest in

adding more States to the Union. Coincidence or Crypto-numerology? The reader decides.


1. Pythagoras entry into

egyptian mystery school.

2. Link with varied info on Pythagoras and related information. .

3. Pythagoras was animated to do this due to a deep desire for knowledge. .

4. Pythagoras Mystery Square and it's numbers: .

The Number 50 :

5. Scroll down 75% . Numbers had holy significance up to 50. Odd were male. Even were female. .

6. Previously, this writer has extrapolated illuminati numbers to lines of longitude and latitude

which may correspond to Ley or Dragon lines of psychic power in an earth grid. The line of

latitude 50. N runs through the following. Tournai, Belgium. Aachen, Germany and Brussels,


7. Tournai: 50 at . Tournai was the capital of

the mystical and magical Merovingian Dynasty that some believe was linked to the bloodline of

Jesus and Mary Magdalene , whose offspring married Frankish nobility in the dark ages when

Rome fell. and . .

8. Brussels - Capital of the One World Government building block known as the EU or European

Union at 50- . The EU and 666 = and 666 Beast computer housed in Brussels.

scroll down 50% .

9. Aachen, Germany - - Capital of the

Holy Roman Empire, that was neither Holy nor Roman. Also at 50. See link to Holy Roman

Empire control over Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Scroll down 25% . also,

The EU may be the revived Holy Roman Empire. .


It is odd that the most powerful empire in the world , the USA is divided into the holy

Pythagoras number of 50 AND that this line of latitude happens to run through The EU,

Holy Roman Empire and Merovingian territories. Could this be just happenstance or the

illuminati at work again with their numbers....the reader must decide.


JiroOlcott said...

During research I have been conducting I came across an interesting ‘coincidence’:
On Cheesering near Hurlers in Cornwall is carved Daniel Gumb’s famous proof of the Pythagoras Theorem. This point also lies on the St Michael Axis which is the line of the May Day Sunrise. Sitting on Daniel Gumb’s carving (aligned with the St Michael Axis towards the sunrise) if you turn exactly 50 degrees south you are aligned directly on the 9th radial Axis of Alaise which passes through Anizy, Aisy and Alise St-Reine before passing through Alaise. What do you think is the significance of that? I’m still working on it, but if you have any bright ideas I would like to share them with you. My website/blog:

JiroOlcott said...


Hi Pi, Thanks for the feedback. Some fine thoughts here. Interesting that further south from Mull at Hurlers the 50 degrees azimuth configuration is probably more accurate. This may be what Daniel Gumb was trying to show with his Pythagorean squares i.e. plotting the rise of the midsummer Sun along St Michael & St Mary’s Axes. But how it coincides with the crossing of the 9th radial Axis of Alaise still remains a mystery. It would be 50 degrees + 50 degrees. I’ll have a think on that one.

Interesting what you point out about 47 degrees North for Alaise. I walked around the Alaise area quite a bit with my GPS and found that the a point that lies almost exactly 47 degrees North is a cromlech containing ancient tumuli in the middle of a forest on a hill called Le Fory. It’s just south of Alaise, walking distance. Jiro

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