Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yale 322 links Jesus' Blood to Solomon's Temple and Roslyn Chapel

Additional inquiry into the Skull and Bones 322 numerology has noted an interesting link to

an alleged relic of the blood of Jesus Christ in Belgium, The Jesus-Mary Magdalene bloodline

story of Roslyn Chapel and the design of Solomon's Temple. Their appears therefore to be

a link , very generally, to judaism or the tribes / lineage of the jews.

This could be evidence of a connection to the belief in British Israelism, that the people of the

british isles or at least their royal families are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. This also

could help explain why all US Presidents are related to the royal family of England and provide

an explanation as to who gets "tapped" to become a member of Skull and Bones every year.

Since, the existence of Skull and Bones is well known, along with its number 322, this article

will go directly to the newly discovered or at least dot-connected information on this matter.


1. Previous articles have noted that illuminati numerology can be extrapolated to locations on

the Earth through which energy ley or dragon lines flow. The numbers are coordinates for

latitude and longitude . The city of Brugge, Belgium is located at Longitude 3.22 (East of the

Meridian in Greenwich, England). .

2. Brugge, Belgium has as its most important religious relic, what is claimed to be a cloth with

the blood of Jesus , taken from him by Joseph of Arimathea at the Crucifixion. "The Basilica of

the Holy Blood in Bruges houses a venerated relic of Christ whose origin is a mystery worthy of

Indiana Jones." . and / .

3. Robert The Bruce , became the king of Scotland with the help of Templar Knights associated

with the Holy Grail theme and its Grail Bloodline story.

4. Knight Templars and Grail Bloodline: and / .

5. Robert The Bruce is another way of saying ROBERT DE BRUGES . and .

6. Robert The Bruce and the Holy Grail: Much has been written about a link between the Holy

Grail and Roslyn Chapel. The death mask of Robert The Bruce is alleged to be at Roslyn Chapel. scroll down 70%.

7. Roslyn Chapel is very close to the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Only 3 miles from downtown in

fact. .

8. Edinburgh is or was the Masonic capital of Scotland:

9. Edinburgh is located at Longitude 3.22 - the number of Bruges and Yale's Skull and Bones. .

10. The Blue Lion is on the standard of the flag of Robert De Bruges. The babylonian goddess

Ishtar: "Ishtar's beast was a lion." scroll down 60% . Ishtar's color was BLUE: .

11. Ishtar was depicted by the Rosette. It is sacred to this deity. scroll down 70% .

12. A carving with a Rosette is linked to the Sinclair family which owned Roslyn Chapel. / and see video with Rosettas at:

"Roslin Chapel Rosette Window" .

13. Again, the symbol of Ishtar was the "Rose Star Disc" .

14. A Skull and Bones 322 President and his fellow member and father, have been obsessed with

Iraq. The land of Ishtar. Troops under their command now control the Ishtar Gate and all of

the ruins of Babylon. / .

15. Alexander the Great conquered Persia/ Babylon in the year 333 B.C. He was a "greek" and

the Skull and Bones Society is part of the "greek" fraternity-sorority system that now has

conquered Babylon again. . See Skull and

Bones Fraternity - Greeks = . Alexander the

Great died in the year 322 B.C.

16. The Rose Tower in the illuminati playground of Dubai is 333 meters tall. .


17. The number 322 comes up frequently in the design of the demon built Temple of Solomon.

This frequently is the case in the term 322 cubits, a biblical unit of measure. . scroll down 50% to Temple of

Zerubbabel. .

18. Solomon's Temple is of importance to Freemasons and must be rebuilt before the antichrist

rules over the Earth. .

19. Some believe that Roslyn Chapel is designed to resemble the layout of Solomon's Temple. scroll down 70% .

20. The Sinclair family that built Roslyn Chapel were traditionally the rulers of the Orkneys or

the Orkney Islands to the north of Scotland. .

21. The Orkneys are dissected by the 3.22 line of Longitude. .

22. In the King Arthur version of the Grail Legend there is a Sir Gawaine that is second only to

Sir Lancelot. In some versions of the story it is Sir Gawaine that achieves the discovery of the

Holy Grail. He is a Knight from Orkney. scroll down 75% .


In following the theory that illuminati numbers are linked to geospatial locations along ley lines

which correspond to lines of longitude and latitude, it appears that the number 322 is associated

with Edinburgh Freemasonry and the Blood relic at the Basilica of Bruges. The line connects to

ancient Babylon, Solomon's Temple and the Orkneys and their role in Arthurian Grail legend.

Further, the city of Bruges is in Belgium once controlled by the Merovingian

Kings who are allegedly offspring of the children or descendants of Jesus and the Franks. .

The key that runs through all of this is the Davidic Bloodline. Solomon was the son of King David.

The Davidic Bloodline ran through Jesus. His blood relic at Bruges or Brugge. The 322 number

and Edinburgh , a masonic stronghold near Roslyn Chapel. The story of the Holy Grail being the

Bloodline of the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. ... Like nazi Heinrich Himmler said:

"It's all in the blood." Could the Yale Skull and Bones 322 be telling us that they believe

themselves to be part of the Merovingian bloodline or linked to the idea of British Israelism?

No chance in getting an answer. Because as President Bush said "it's so secret we can't even talk

about it".


SPECTRUM said...

There is nothing in any scottish history books about The Knights Templars helping Robert The Bruce defeat the english at the battle of Bannockburn however when Robert the Bruce died his heart was removed from his body and placed in a silver casket which was carried by The Bruces right hand man James Douglas known as the Black Douglas who was
given the job of taking the bruces heart to the holy land to be placed in the holy sepulchre the tomb of Jesus Christ.

Unknown said...

Excellent source of info. Thanks.