Thursday, January 24, 2008

625 Pythagoras Coincidence and 93 Thelema link to Boxing Day Tsunami

Pythagoras was the premier ancient greek mathematician and philosopher that did not believe

in coincidence. Therefore, one must assume that occurrences of a numerological nature in his

mathematical theorems and formulas are BY DESIGN. ...his or whatever guided his work.

The present article provides the reader with a numerical alignment that happens when one

EITHER multiplies OR adds together the numbers of the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet. This

historical item was discovered by archaeologists on his home isle of Samos, Greece.

The tablet contains the following sequence of numbers:

4 - 5/36 -3 - 1/9 - 2.25 -9 - 2 - 25/16

The link from which this writer derived the numbers has been taken down. This happened

within 72 hours of posting articles using it***. Coincidence? google Pythagoras Mystery Tablet.

When one wishes to multiply the numbers of the tablet , one follows the formula:

4 x 5/36 x 1.9 x 2.25 x 9 x 2 x 25/16 = (inserted into , click on search).

The answer is: 200.39.0625 . Changing the 1/9 to 1.9 leads to this result.

When one adds the numbers together in google using the same method only using + instead of x ,

the answer is: 22.0625 . The same last four digits in identical order.

Research was then conducted into the meaning of the number 0625 or better 625.

The Evidence:

1. The square root of the number 625 is 25. insert square root 625 in - search.

2. The square root of 25 is 5. Use same formula or simply mutliply 5 x 5 = 25.

3. The Law of Fives is heavily linked to the Illuminati: . / .

Illuminati 5 - scroll down 45% .

4. The number 23 or 2+3=5 , is associated with the Law of Fives as well. or google

Law of Fives 23 .

5. The square root of 5 (insert square root 5 into click on search) is 2.23606798

The number 23 , again. Two becomes TO 23.

6. In the Year 625, Mohammed and his muslim forces were defeated at the Battle of Uhud

by pagans form Mecca. The date was March 23. .

7. March 23 is a major Babylonian feast day and occult feast day. .

8. When all the numbers of the square root of five are added together it equals 43. George W.

Bush is the 43rd President of the USA. . Further, the number

43 is the smallest prime number never mentioned in the Bible. .

Therefore, the square root of the law of fives leads to President George W. Bush and his number

is never mentioned in the Word of God...coincidence? Or the Law of Fives?

9. The science of numerology adds up to 43. .

10. Even though the number is not mentioned in the Bible, oddly there appear to be 43 versions

of the Bible. .

WEATHER WAR AND 625 Pythagoras Numerology:

11. The Doomsday Vault with all of the World's seeds will be built 625 miles from the North Pole .

One of the reasons for building the vault is weather changes caused by disasters or global

warming. .

12. The Eye of Hurricane Mitch was 625 square miles. .

Hurricane Mitch was linked to alleged Illuminati weather control. scroll down 90% .

13. The Boxing Day Tsunami was linked to the Illuminatti. .

14. The quake which caused the Tsunami was 9.3 Magnitude.

15. The Epicenter was located at 9.3 S. Latitude. .

16. The Thelema Cult or Religion of 666 satanist Aleister Crowley is linked to the number 93. .

17. The Boxing Day Tsunami's earthquake was the largest in modern times and had a fault line

of 625 miles. .

18. "Coincidentally", the fault line of the San Andreas Fault in California is also 625 miles long. .

19. NASA studies the San Andreas Fault doing research into the quake phenomenon. .

20. There is an alleged link between NASA and the original Temple of Set that ties into the

Indonesia Tsunami/Earthquake. .


An ancient numerology and science best known as magic is being used against the peoples of

the Earth by the Illuminati. Pythagoras provided us with a key of numbers to unlock the secrets

before time runs out. This is the truth........can you handle it?

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