Saturday, January 19, 2008

666 phi x 666 pi links Solar Apex to Maui Reptilian god

The continuing analysis of advanced illuminati numerology results in additional hitherto

unknown information being provided to the reader. This research is conducted using inductive

logic and a random search mode to find either answers or coincidences - the reader must decide.

When one multiples 666 phi x 666 pi the answer = 2,254,685.5 insert :

666 phi x 666 pi = (the answer will appear at top of your screen.)

The utilizing the recently discovered analytical tool of extrapolating the answer to the equations

into a line of latitude or longitude one comes up with - 22.54 .

1. The general direction of the Solar Apex , or the route our sun takes as it circles the Milky Way

Galaxy, in Galactic Coordinates is 56.24 Longitude and 22.54 Latitude. .

This shows our sun headed generally towards the Star Vega and the constellation Hercules.

2. Oddly, Hercules is a half-god / half-man hybrid best known through greek mythology AND

22.54 Longitude runs through Greece .

3. The star Vega , in whose direction we are going is the alleged home of the Nordics, or a group

of scandinavian looking ETs or aliens. and .

4. The Constellation Hercules contains the M13 star cluster. A message was sent to that star

system from the Arecibo, Puerto Rico Radio Observatory. It will arrive at the speed of light in

the year 10,000. This is also the time when Vega will become our north star replacing Polaris. .

5. Captain James T. Kirk graduated from Starfleet Academy in the year 2254 in the Star Trek

series. . This further raises suspicions of Star Trek links

to the occult.

6. The Yellowstone geyser is on top of what some believe to be a Super-Volcano that can

cause destruction on a global scale. / .

7. The world famous Old Faithful is at an altitude of 2,254 meters. .

Therefore, the one place associated with the Hotter-than-Hell Yellowstone Caldera or Super

Volcano is at an altitude of 666 phi x 666 pi . Coincidence? The Bible Code predicts a major

eruption in 2010. .

8. Another Super Volcano "hot spot" literally is in Hawaii. It just so happens that the highest

peak in Maui, Hawaii, USA is 2,254 feet high. Mount Ball , in pagan times " At the top of the hill,

was a large heiau reputedly built by Chief Kamohomoho, 'one of the noted chiefs of olden times.'

This heiau was the first one built and dedicated to a lizard god of great strength named

Mo'oinanea. Worship of this lizard-god was widespread in Maui, Molokai and Lanai. It was said

that the god made its home in the pond of Mokuhinia in Lahaina." .

In other words....the number derived from 666 phi x 666 pi = 2254, linked to what can only be a

reptilian . "mo'o could appear in various forms, in this case , they were either human or

reptilian." . This

is a reference to a reptilian shape-shifter. That had a shrine built on hill 666.


It appears that we are headed to a date with destiny, not just for our planet and species but

our sun itself. Will it all end in 2010 or when Vega becomes our new north star is unknown. Will

the nordics defeat the reptilians or will we still be their slaves in the 11th Millenium. The answer

is still unknown. This writer says Freedom from Reptilian 666 domination is our birthright. Let

us fight - and win - to claim it.

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