Wednesday, January 9, 2008

666 Cubed links Ancient Memphis to Lunar Calendar and Saturn Revolution

The ancient land of Egypt appears to be permeated with a hidden 666 numerology that has

only now been discovered. The Illuminati appear to find various ways to utilize the number in

their works while at the same time disguising it in plain sight.

The present article provides additional research information indicating that 666 Cubed or

666 in 3 Dimensions (width, height and length) is present both in the longitude line of 29.54

which passes through Alexandria , Egypt - the capital of the Mystery Schools AND the latitude

line of 29.54 which passes adjacent to ancient Memphis, Egypt the former capital of the

Pharoahs of united ancient Egypt and home of the Rites of Memphis Mizraim and the Black


Further, it just so happens that the ancient lunar calendar was 29.54 days in length and was

used in ancient egypt, mesopotamia and by the larger arab world. This involved the worship of

Sin, a Mesopotamian Lunar Deity associated with the devil. To make matters even worse it

appears that the length of Saturn's revolution around the Sun is 29.54 years. Saturn is in

certain occult circles associated with Capricorn as the horned goat-fish of those that believe in

astrology and the zodiac.

It appears highly unlikely that these numerical alignments and symmetry can be ascribed to

mere chance, but that decision as always is up to the reader.


1. 666 Cubed is 295,408,396. insert 666 cubed - . Following previous practice

one then extrapolates the 2954 into a line of either 29.54 longitude or latitude.

2. The longitude 29.54 runs through Egypt and the Mystery School haven of Alexandria. and "gnosticism originated in Egypt"

scroll down 40% .

3. The lunar deity Sin is associated with the babylonian and pagan arab religions and by

necessity uses the Lunar Calendar. and Sin is

linked to the egyptian deity Thoth. .

4. The Lunar Calendar -coincidentally- consists of 29.54 days. The same as the number for 666

cubed. SO... The lunar calendar worshipped deity SIN revolves around a 29.54 day calendar

which happens to be the same numbers denoting 666 CUBED. Coincidence or Connection? / .

5. Saturn is associated with the astrological sign Capricorn. For some astrology believers this

sign is associated with the devil. / / .

6. Saturn revolves around the sun every 29.54 years. and

scroll down 20% . So the Capricorn planet orbit around

the sun is also 666 cubed? another coincidence? ...

7. The Star Regulus is in the sign Leo at 29.54 degrees. scroll down 60% . Regulus is the brightest

star in Leo. .

Regulus is considered by certain occult scholars to be a "fallen angel". scroll down 80% .

8. Memphis , Egypt was the first capital of the united Northern and Southern Kingdoms of

Egypt. It is also was a hotbed of mystery school activity in times of antiquity. .

9. Memphis is located at Latitude: N E - THIS IS NEARLY IDENTICAL

TO SEVEN OF EIGHT first digits to 295,408,396 sum of 666 Cubed. The mathematical odds

that this occult laden numerical parallel alignment is by accident is microscopically small. The

only number not fitting in a direct pattern for the first 8 digits is a 0 or zero which has no value

in western numerology. .

CONCLUSION: Memphis , the ancient capital of the united northern and southern kingdoms

of ancient egypt is situated in uncanny alignment with 666 cubed or 666 in 3 Dimensions. This

is frightening when one considers that Egypt is the heart of freemasonry and rosicrucianism

which was central to the core beliefs of the founding fathers of America and many other nations.

Follow the numbers - do the math. The Conclusion that Amerikkka is the new ancient Egypt

is there for those who can handle the TRUTH....which shall set you free. Look at your dollar bill,

that pyramid on it proves that money or what is on it -is the root of all evil . And the cubed of

all evil as well........

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