Saturday, January 19, 2008

363 Thoth exposes USA Civil War link to battle between Horus and Set

This article raises the possibility that some of the most critical aspects of USA , if not world

history, are manipulated by the Illuminati. Something as important as the dividing line between

Slave and Free in the USA prior to the brutal Civil war between the Union (North) and the

Confederacy (South) is linked to masonic numerology. The sad thing is that even people with

Ph.ds in History are clueless as to the real history of their own society. They have earned

doctorates in lies and brainwashing.

The Evidence:

1. Thoth number 363.

a) Thoth is an ancient egyptian deity associated with magic, science and the law. He holds the

balance of the scales of Justice and Good and Evil. "He also ensured everything was kept in

balance, including Good and Evil." .

Thoth is concerned with not allowing either good or evil to triumph - only in maintaining the

equilibrium between the two. An odd philosophical issue if there was one. .

b) For unknown reasons, Thoth is associated with the number 363: .

You can order a book on Thoth. It's shipping weight is 363 grams .

c) "Ra gave Thoth an area of the underworld to rule in "the land of caves"..." .

d) Oddly, the huge Colossal Cave in southern Arizona has been open to the public for a number

of years. A total of 363 steps were built into it for the tourists to walk on. Coincidence? scroll to

number 14. .

e) The Missouri Compromise states that no more slave states would be admitted into the Union

north of the line of 36.3 N. Latitude. scroll down 80% . Therefore, the line

between slave and free or the balance between the two tips on the number of Thoth who holds

the balance between good and evil. Coincidence? .

f) The Missouri Compromise was signed on the 3 - 6 - 1820 .

The numbers 3 and 6 of Thoth's 363......another coincidence?

g) The Tishman Speyer firm covered the illuminati Rockefeller Center in NYC with 363 Solar

Panels for "illumination" - going "green" for Christmas. .

h) Tishman Speyer is headquartered at 666 Fifth Avenue: .

i) The Rockefeller Center has a large statue of Prometheus. The titan that brought fire for

mankind from Olympus the abode of the greek gods. Prometheus is code for Lucifer, the light

bringer that provides "illumination". Prometheus is sometimes equated with Thoth, who also

provides information and thus illumination. and

"the egyptian prometheus" . "Secrets were

passed from the gods to man through Thoth, Prometheus... .

Prometheus as Illuminati code for Lucifer or the Devil: /

So - a 666 Firm owns the Illuminist Rockefeller Center and uses 363 solar (i.e.; illumination)

panels , not 362 or 364 but 363 , the number of Thoth -and the Center houses a Prometheus

statue linked to Thoth and Lucifer- is all a COINCIDENCE??? The reader must decide.


j) Thoth was a partisan in the mythical war between the ancient egyptian deities Horus and

Set which took place in the 363rd year of the reign of the god-king Ra-Harakhte. .

He maintains balance by always fighting for whichever side happens to be losing. .

The 3-6 date Missouri Compromise balanced good and evil / slave and free along the line of

latitude of 36.3. The same number is associated with Thoth who also seeks to balance good and

evil. The USA civil war was between The North and The South. So was the War between Horus

and Seth. It took place between Upper and Lower Egypt or the northern and southern portions

of Egypt - just like the divided along 363 USA North -South war. Horus - Lower Egypt and

Seth Upper Egypt. . again, COINCIDENCE?


The USA civil war appears to be a reenactment of the battle between Horus and Seth, North

and South, with the North winning both times. It is possible that it was a war provoked by

design by the Illuminati Freemasons. Why? To reestablish British masonic control over the USA.

Scroll down to Chapter 4. "London's plan to divide America by civil war." .

Freemasons love Thoth. .

Sadly, the masses in the USA , including historians and Civil war buffs and re-enactors never

know that the war between the States was merely a vast illuminati human sacrifice that copied

an earlier mythical battle between ancient egyptian deities. The truth is now available. There is

still time to thwart the evil designs ...but not much.