Monday, January 21, 2008

Pythagoras Mystery Tablet links America Heartline To White House Ellipse

The current series of investigations into advanced illuminati mathematics and numerology

involves research into the Pythagoras Mystery Tablet. This item was discovered by

archaeologists in the ancient greek math genius island of Samos. The tablet contains

the following sequence of numbers:

4 - 5/36 - 3 - 1/9 - 2.25 - 9 - 2 - 25/16 .

A previous typing error discovered that if one changes the slash mark / for a period or decimal

point on one of the fractions when multiplying the numbers , odd coincidences can be discovered.

Therefore 4 x 5/36 x 3 x 1.9 x 2.25 x 9 x 2 x 25/16 = 200.390625 .

1. A postal zip code for Washington, D.C. is 20039 : In fact it drops you off in the so-called

Ellipse, front yard of the White House.,+DC+20039,+United+States+of+America&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title or google

Washington D.C. 20039 and click on link at top of screen with those words.

2. It is well known that the layout of Washington D.C. is imbued with extensive occult and

masonic symbolism. The Ellipse is an Illuminati symbol -scroll to bottom - and

"the illuminati's ellipse was prominent even today..." .

The Ellipse Park noted in 20039 is called President's Park: .

3. "Pythagoras drew attention to ...ellipses..." .

4. 20039 could also be interpreted as TO 39 , as in TOWARDS 39. It is odd to note that

Washington , D.C. is on Parallel 39 and that this line is known as "the heartline of America". and .

5. If one takes out the zeroes one is left with the number 239. In Krakow, Poland, the ancient

capital of that land, St. Mary's Tower has 239 steps to reach the top. The church is actually


This again raises the topic of a human being going to another dimension - Heaven - which is

where the Virgin Mary ascended to. This again raises the connection between the Mystery

Tablet and entering another dimension be it Heaven or Hades or something else. This has

been noted in a previous article. This adds evidence to the theory that the mystery tablet is

a formula for inter-portal dimensional travel of some sort.

6. The Qutb Minar or Axis Minaret was named for a muslim minaret in Delhi , India as an

axis between Heaven and Earth. . The Qutb Minar

is 239 feet tall. Again the concept of a link or bridge or pathway to HEAVEN. see photo .

7. Pluto is the god of Hades in greek mythology. Plutonium 239 is one of the very few fissile

radioactive materials capable of making a chain reaction nuclear explosion with just a few

hundred grams of material. . Again, a link to

Heaven or Hell. Some believe nuclear blast create rifts in the Time Space Continuum that allow

openings to develop with other dimensions. Again, the idea of inter-dimensional travel. .

8. The Cathedral of St. Paul is the "karmic center" of St. Paul , Minnesota. It is located at a

239 address and is 306 feet or 93 meters tall. The 239 is pertinent to this article. 36 is a code

for 666 and 93 is the number of Thelema, the Religion or cult of Aleister Crowley, the beast 666.

a) google 36 number 666; b) google 93 Thelema Aleister Crowley.

St. Paul 239 - . Coincidence?


It appears strange that by changing a hashmark or slash into a decimal point while multiplying

the numbers of the mystery tablet of Pythagoras that one ends up on the front lawn of the

White House. The links continue to build to inter-dimensional travel. The tablet is a key - to

Heaven, Hell, and only God knows what and where else.


Peter G. Hutchins said...

I believe you.
No coincidence.

audrey lefour said...

It is for the first that I just visited your site and I find it really interesting! Congratulations!

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