Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama caused Oil Spill as pretext to invade Cuba

The following article is a conspiracy theory. It is a plausible 'Deep Black' psyops scenario based

on the Roman / latin phrase cui bono - WHO BENEFITS?

1. The Cuban regime run by Raul Castro , brother of deceased dictator Fidel Castro has

rejected the peace overtures of the Obama clique. (Yes - Fidel has been dead for years. What

you see on TV is one of his many doubles. The way to deprive the Miami Cubans of a massive

victory celebration over his death was to have him live forever - or until he is a 100 or whatever)

2. Oil has been discovered off the coast of Cuba. It provides a means for the island to evade

hegemonistic control by AmeriKKKa forever. This island has already set a bad example that it

is possible to disobey the Yanqui colossus and still survive. Oil boom standards of living mixed

with socialism would be deadly to the USA bankster wall street thugs. Something finally had to

be done with the band of brothers running their own pet dictatorship within visual distance of

Florida. And something was done....

3. The Oil will surround Cuba. There will be a move to demand that its rigs and wells be shut

down. The oil will devastate Cuba. It is surrounded by the sea. There is nowhere to run or hide

from the messy goo. As the island goes into a tailspin as tourists stop going to the gloppy beaches

and its maritime and oil revenue industries collapse - it will be ripe for the final invasion. The

Obama regime will find a reason to invade. It could be environmental. It could be 'humanitarian'.

But it will happen. It will happen when the Hurricane season that is starting soon adds to the

by then massive oil devastation of the island. It will be ripe for plucking and plunder. Like Iraq

was for the Neocons under Bush. Cuba Libre! ... not. Cuba Lubed ... definitely.

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