Sunday, May 2, 2010

NYC Phallic Cityspire linked to Psychic Octagon

The illuminati appear to have mastered a form of technology that encompasses 3D designs

and multidimensional forces. A recent example of this , in the world of architecture and tall

building design is to be found in the described as phallic , Cityspire in New York City. The

building certainly appears to be modeled on a human phallus and glans. See for yourself. and .

1. The Height is 248 meters. The number 248 is heavily linked to multidimensional

superstring theory. E8 a 57 dimensional object that can be rotated 248 ways without changing

its appearance. and this math puzzle

was just solved after 120 years of looking for answers. .

2. NYC Cityspire is 248 meters tall. and .

It is "very close" to two skyscrapers on 57th street. The dome is moorish designed and linked

to the New York City Center which was based on moorish or muslim mosque design. and .

So we have a connection to the freemason designed NYC Center building once owned by the

Shriners. The number 57 and 248 of superstring theory in a phallic tower with an unusual

octagon shape or design. The Octagon or Octagram is also known as the Chaos Star linked to

the masonic slogan ORDO AB CHAO and the chaos star is at the center of the CIA emblem.

scroll to near bottom - .


There appears to be a connection to the Octagonal Gate or the Octagon shape and the LOST

TV series. . The DHARMA initiative in

the series has an Octagon shape. The Octagon is linked to Hyperbolic space. .

You may wish to learn or do more by contacting Octagon Global Recruiting. .

The planet Venus forms a pentagram in the sky every 248 years. .

The number 248 is divided by 31 eight 8 times. Half of 248 is 124 which is 31 x 4 or the exact

numbers which begin the infinite number Pi 3.14. Venus is linked to the 8 pointed star. . "In order to develop psychic skills 8
magnetic fields are used around the brain. The circumcerebral also the Octagon..." .

Phallic festivals have been linked to the worship of Venus the goddess of love in the ancient

pagan world. .

Is that what is going on? A form of psychic skill development for the sheeple? A way to open

minds to the brainwashing? That is unknown. More research to follow.


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