Thursday, May 27, 2010

Secret Society links Transocean lobbyist to Reagan

The oil keeps pumping into the Gulf. The rig owned by BP was rented by Transocean to do the

actual drilling of the oil out from under the sea bottom. Transocean moved its headquarters

from the Cayman Islands to Switzerland at the end of 2008. Its stock was "shorted" by Goldman

Sachs just before the disaster struck. This was coincidentally close in time to Obama signing off

on a massive expansion of offshore drilling. We are supposed to believe all of these things going

on in close sequence are just happenstance or coincidence.

SEE: Transocean Switzerland:

Goldman Sachs Transocean: .

Now, Transocean has hired a lobbyist to clean up the mess where it really counts - not in the

Gulf , but on the Potomac , in Washington, D.C. The Capitol Hill Consulting Group , chaired by

former Oklahoma Congressman Bill Brewster. .

He is a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. This is another of the numerous college

secret societies of which the US illuminati directed elites come from. .

Tau Kappa Epsilon has as its symbol or coat of arms a design topped with a human skull. . Also - .

Ronald Reagan was the most famous member of this Secret Society. and .

CONCLUSION: What we now know is that Amerikkka is run by secret society minions. Rare

is the President or high achiever that somehow is not a "Lodge Brother" of one organization or

another. This replete with Rituals , secret passwords , codes , bizarre handshakes and so on.

Think of this , Ronald Reagan was in office for two terms. He was member of a society with a

skull symbol. Then came Bush I. He was Skull and Bones and was in for one term. Then came

Bill Clinton who was a Demolay International member. He was in for two terms. Then came

Bush II and he was a Yale Skull and Bones member like his father and grandfather. What this

means is that the entire Reagan - Bush I and II era was under the rule of Presidents who were

members of Skull symbol-linked secret societies. Who ever noticed that? Now, the network is

being used to cleanup the mess with spin , shuck-and-jive and fingerpointing. Nothing changes.

The Illuminati Rule. They lie - we swallow the lies. They steal. We just sit there. They kill. We

just die. They bury us. We just rot. -- When will Resistance finally arise?


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