Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama caused Oil Spill hits Republican Gulf States

Obama is cunning. He is devious. He is a strategic chess player that sees far. He is a native

Kenyan who has managed to fake his way into the heart of the White Man's power structure -

the fabled White House itself.

Obama knows that his Health Care bill fiasco and bad economy will cost the Democrats many

seats in November 2010. He knows that as things look now he is a One-Term President , unless

something enormous changes the current political dynamic he was facing. That has happened.

What we have with the oil spill in the gulf caused by some event at a BP Oil rig is 9/11 level

event that goes on and on and on. By November , the coastline of every USA State and nation

with a caribbean shore will be devastated. No one will remember Obamacare. This will be

particularly true once the dreaded Hurricane season hits.

Oddly enough , all of the Gulf States are now Republican strongholds. Texas. Georgia. Alabama

and Florida. Lousiana less so but still leaning that way. The Deep South is now in Deep S**T and

it is now Republican territory. The Republicans have always been the biggest fans and pushers

of offshore drilling off the coast and weak or weakened environmental regulations and rules.


Further , the company that is being blamed or is responsible for the disaster is BP. It just

happens that BP was the employer of the husband of Sarah Palin - a possible Republican

Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate. How coincidental? Don't you think? and .

The Republicans are morons. They are slaves of the oil barons. They will continue to try to

protect the oil companies. They continue to push for more drilling. They do not realize that this

is HUNDREDS of Exxon Valdez spills going on without end for months in a body of water that is

much smaller than the Pacific Ocean waters off Alaska. The President has no interest in ending

this disaster any time soon since the destruction of Republican controlled seashore is what may

stop the Tea Party led Republicans that threaten to send him into early exile in his beloved

Kenya. Who cares if Turtles and Dolphins and sea birds die en masse. Saving the Obama regime

is all that matters and the Republican fools are playing right into his satanic hands. They deserve

what they they not? All it took was some CIA frogmen and a few backpacks of highgrade

underwater gelignite. A grateful CIA that is being spared a war crimes and torture witch hunt

by Obama - knows how to pay back favors rendered.


Ine said...

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Ine said...

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Mahria said...

Obama had many reasons to create this spill. We all know how badly he wants this country to be completely dependent on his muslim friends for oil. He and his democrat lackeys have been doing everything they can to stop drilling by the US. But, they have taken a lot of heat from Americans to allow for drilling. SO - what better way to shut them all up than by creating the worst oil spill in the worlds history? Seems odd to me that this spill happened less than 2 months after Obama suddenly allowed drilling in the Gulf again. Also seems odd that the US Government has done absolutely nothing whatsoever to assist in stopping the leak or lessening the damage. They want the damage, they wanted the leak. Now that the leak has reached the level of worst spill ever, they are finally trying to do something. Stop all drilling in the Gulf! He's also stopped all drilling in Alaska. Amazing, he's getting everything he's ever wanted but now has the public supposedly on his side.

I hope the truth comes out soon, but I of course am sure it won't. These evil elite are cunning at hiding their sins.

Mike said...

While your speculation is intriguing, that's all it is. It is easy to speculate about why a disaster happened, and could there be more mischevious intentions behind it, but we are getting too far ahead of ourselves. There is no foundation for these speculations other than is "seems" Obama "could" benefit from this in his agenda for pushing cleaner energy, but I could easily speculate that Cheney had some of his old CIA budies blow up the oil rig in order to smear Obama policy and make the new president appear incomptent and restore Republicans to power in the White House. But the matter of fact is were both wrong until one of us is proven right. There is no hard evidence to support speculation, which in itself can be used to spread fear and distrust in our already divided country. It's okay to speculate, but when there is no hard evidence to back it up it will remain just an idea in peoples overactive imagination.

Holy Spirit Army said...

Mike: There never is any hard evidence. JFK , MLK , RFK , WMD and on and on.

The Country is divided. The South was forced to stay part of the USA. There would be an liberal USA and an ultra-right Confederacy had the war between the States gone the other way (which it almost did).

There is reason to Fear. We live in a surveillance state that is in a state of constant war. War on Terror War on Drugs War on Crime and so forth. One has to be mad not to have fear. Thanks for your comments. :)

Programming OS X said...

They were real CIA frog men genetically created in a lab in order to survive the extreme pressures encountered while sabotaging the blowout preventer on the well.

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