Monday, April 19, 2010

Lost series 108 hidden link to Coolest Number

The weird TV series " Lost " has its own internal form of numerology. Apparently, the number

108 is prevalent in the show. The reason for this is unknown. SEE: .

The series has the passengers of fictional Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crash land in the waters

off of a mysterious pacific island. The place seems to exude mysterious energy and strange

phenomena. The number of the Flight has not been looked at much , until this article.

The number 108 in and of itself has enormous mystical significance , particularly in Eastern

religions such as buddhism and hinduism. and also .

The number 163 is considered by some to be the "coolest number" in mathematics. and .

5 x 163 = 815. The Law of Fives multiplied by the Coolest Number is the number of the

ill-fated flight that begins the strange series with hidden turns and meanings.

The Number 815 is noted in the Bible as the years a pre-Great Flood patriarch named Enos

lived after he had his first son , Kenan , at age 90. This is linked to the Mayan Baktun cycle. .

The unit of weight measure 815 stones is the equivalent of 5175 kilograms. The largest

Nubian pyramid in the Sudan is located at Nuri. Scroll down to pyramids of Nuri. . It is 51.75 meters square.


Is the number of the Oceanic Flight a Titanic Coincidence or something more? Only the reader can decide. Stay tuned for the next episode of Lost - soon the answer will be revealed.


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