Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tea Party Creation linked to Rothschild Illuminati

The Tea Party movement is a fraud and a front created by the intelligence apparatus that

serves as the main social control mechanism of the brainwashed sheeple. Do any of you out there

reading this really believe that a "spontaneous" movement just appeared out of nowhere? It has

no leader , no history , no "face" , the fundraising is nebulous. The leadership is unknown and

so spread out that the term is meaningless. The original Tea Party in Boston was a false flag

operation created by American Freemasons to start a war between the British Monarchy and

the native tribes. Both sides would weaken themselves and then the revolutionaries would rise

up , throw out the British and seize "cleared" Indian lands in the Ohio Valley and beyond.

Likewise , the current "Tea Party" movement is a psyops or spyops. An illuminati propaganda

font or front that pretends to oppose Obama. He is a CIA asset as well. His father was too. The

whole thing is based on the Hegelian dialectic that the illuminists love to engage in. It is their

form of Puppet Theatre. Let us look at facts on the creation of this "movement" , not just words

or argument.

1. When did this "officially" start or begin? CNBC Business News Network Editor , Rick

Santelli. .

2. What is the background of Rick Santelli prior to going live on CNBC? Sanwa Securities and

Drexel Burnham Lambert. See: .

3. Odd things have happened at Sanwa Securities in the past. This in no way implies that Mr.

Santelli was involved or responsible for any wrongdoing whatsoever. Chicago branch of Sanwa

Bank. Chicago is where Mr. Obama and Mr. Santelli worked and played. Scroll to near bottom: and "these merger partners , especially Sanwa, had been scandal
tainted up to the neck." .

4. Odd things have happened at Drexel Burnham Lambert in the past. This in no way implies

that Mr. Santelli was involved or responsible for any wrongdoing whatsoever. and The NAME ... THE NAME

behind Drexel Burnham Lambert is ROTHSCHILD. The premier Illluminati bloodline on our

evil infested planet. .

5. CNBC is owned by NBC Universal. . It is headquartered

in Rockefeller Plaza in New York. Where else , right? .

6. NBC Universal is 80% owned by GE or General Electric and 20% by Vivendi. See previous link.

7. In 2009 , Forbes magazine listed GE as the world's largest company. .

8. To show you what a fraud all of this is, the CEO of GE , which owns CNBC , whose Santelli

began or assisted in the beginning of the Tea Party bowel movement , is a top advisor to Obama. .

9. GE and the Illuminati. .

10. CNBC is "drenched" in Illuminati symbolism. .


GE , in essence , has Obama as its servant and errand boy. Does it make sense to believe that

the Tea Party movement that largely opposes Obama would be created under their watch? Not

really. Another lie. Another psyop. Another disgrace masquearading as Truth on the media. and

or just google the words Obama GE.


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