Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pi links longest Eclipse to Osho Pune India Pyramid

The coincidence of esoteric numerology can really only be described as synchronicities that can

be noticed by our human minds in the vast computer program / hologram known as 'reality'.

This writer noted an odd connection between pi , the mytsical irrational and likely infinite

number , a solar eclipse and the modern day city of pyramids in Pune , India. What this could

mean or lead to is unknown. Speculation may lead to the theory that the eclipse was "powering

up" the black pyramids rising in the heartland of Hinduism. The reader must decide.

1. Pi can be symbolized by the fraction 22/7 :

2. The longest duration eclipse (albeit partial) covered Pune , India. It was 227 minutes long. .

3. The Great Pyramid at Giza plateau , Egypt has been linked to the pi number or concept: and .

4. Black Pyramids are being built all over Pune , India. The idea came from the Bhagwan

Rajneesh (who in his later years called himself 'Osho'). and .

5. Sexual concerns dogged the Bhagwan / Osho / and his neo-Sanyassins: . As did numerous scandals

and controversies. However , he had and has many admirers and followers around the world. .


For those of you planning on studying the teachings of Osho. His book library is available online

and has been expanded. To 227 books. Did he choose Pune as the pyramid city due to the eclipse

and Pi? Did he see the future and chose that location to power up his ideology? Only the reader

can decide. .


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