Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Ching links Las Vegas Luxor Pyramid to 666

The Illuminati create massive Pyramids as machines of psychic power. There is something

about the pyramid shape that when aligned correctly with the stars and the Earth is known to

create unusual phenomena. SEE: and also .

There are three "True" Pyramids of large size in the USA. One is in Tennessee , the other in

Long Beach , California and the Luxor Casino Hotel in Las Vegas , Nevada. This article focuses

on a discovery related to the Luxor Pyramid in Las Vegas.

The I Ching is an ancient chinese method of fortune telling , future prediction and divination.

SEE: and also .

The I Ching is comprised of 64 x 6 = 384 Hexagram figures. .

Thus , the number 646 comes up in this odd numerological equation. The I ching is also linked

by some to the massive Giza Pyramid complex. Scroll down 50% . .

*The Las Vegas Luxor Pyramid is designed with the number 646 as a basic structural feature. .

The formula 64 x 6 comes up with the sum of 384. This particular number is connected to the

so-called Number of the Beast - 666. See: "666 is the length of a vesica , whose width is 384. " and .


There are plenty of theories about the occult nature and background of Ancient Egypt and its

Pyramids. Now , it appears that the same might be true about the Las Vegas Luxor Pyramid.

Feeling Lucky? Maybe you should try 6 at the Roulette Table. Or again...more coincidence?

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