Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Venus links Phoenix Tower to Naval Observatory

The Freemasons that run America had once dreamed of turning Phoenix , Arizona into the

Capital of the USA. This may sound insane , particularly since this happened in the days before

Air Conditioning was invented or conceived of , it shows the tenacity upon which they pursue

their goal of world domination through Black Magick.

There have been many articles published about the masonic influence in the creation of

Phoenix in "The Valley of the Sun" and on the 33rd parallel. There is a distinct connection

between this belief system and the planet Venus. There is a connection between Venus and

the mythical Phoenix bird. See: and also "She is symbolized as a

phoenix rising and is known as the eye goddess. As Venus, she is symbolized by a shell and a

pentagram. .

1. The Sidereal Day of Venus is 243 Earth days in length. Scroll to near bottom. .

2. Two Sidereal days would thus be 486 Earth days. The Number 486. The ESA or European

Space Agency is sending a craft to study Venus for 2 Sidereal Venus days. Scroll to near bottom. or google Venus Express ESA 486 Sidereal Day.

3. Chase Bank is a Rockefeller outfit whose logo is allegedly a Swastika. .

4. "There is a swastika embedded in the Hebrew Talisman of Venus, with this and the other

six Talismans compiled circa 600 B.C.E. The original swastika looked right-to-left and stood for

the utmost purity , happiness and good fortune. It was ascribed to Venus because she represents

absolute purity of mind and body, which is why the Pentacle is also associated with Venus and

became a symbol of healthiness." .

5. The Chase Tower is the tallest building in Phoenix and the State of Arizona. . It is 486 feet tall.

6. Arizona is the Copper State. "The Copper State- Producing more copper than any other

state in the union , the Copper State is an apt nickname for Arizona. This nickname is reinforced

by the copper star that is at the center of the Arizona State Flag." .

7. Copper is the metal sacred to Venus. .

8. The previous netstate link on number 6 , indicated that Arizona is also known as the

Valentine State. It was admitted into the Union on February 14, 1912. The link shows that

Oregon was also admitted on this day becoming the 33rd State. A number linked to the masonic

33rd degree.

9. Valentine's Day is symbolized by a little cherub shooting a love arrow at a male and female

couple. A symbol of romance , sex and intimacy. All matters linked to Venus. The love goddess.

Cupid , as we all know is the name of the little Valentine's cherub. He is a son of Venus. . See: .

2-14 is Valentines Day. This is the same as 2 - (2 x 7) or 2/27 which is a symbol for Pi. On the

day Arizona was born into the Union , the numbers would be 21412. A Palindromic number - it is

the same forwards and backwards. Zip Code 21412 matches Annapolis , Maryland. This is the

State Capital of Maryland. Annapolis is the City of Anna. In the State of Mary - the Virgin. Also,

Annapolis is in Anne Arundel County , Maryland. All Women's names.,zipcode,21412.cfm . The Capital of the

USA is Washington , District of Columbia - a masonic goddess , carved from two States both

named after Women. Virginia and Maryland. The Virgin Mary. Folks , can all this be coincidence

and if it is not, then who is behind this manipulation and synchronicity that spans centuries???


The United States Naval Academy and Naval Observatory are located in Annapolis , MD. The

observatory was involved in a detailed analysis and obsevation of the transit of Venus. Reasons

...unknown. . We are living in a dreamworld. Reality is

right in front of us but we watch "news" on our mind control televisions and laugh along with the

canned noise on sitcoms. We guzzle our Budweiser , pay our credit card debt to Chase and

blissfully swallow our Prozac. Meanwhile , the illuminati plot the takeover of our world hidden,

yet in plain sight. Awake o Dreamers... While you still can. Oh... Did I forget? The Naval

Observatory is the official home of the USA Vice President. See link to Flagstaff , Arizona. .

The Seal of the USN Observatory features Urania , a goddess , obviously linked to Uranus.

Uranus is the ruler of the Astrological sign Aquarius. Arizona was admitted into the Union on

February 14 , which means it was born in Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius. More happenstance? . There is a

deep link between Urania and Venus in ancient mythology. .

Annapolis. = St. Anne was the mother of the Virgin Mary. Anne Arundel could sound like Annu.

Babylonian Annu symbols pervade USA power structure. . Could

the name really be ANNUpolis ? Phoenix is in the Valley of the Sun. The ancient city of Annu is

linked to RA , the sun god and heliopolis , the City of the Sun. . Is this the outward use of Christian names and

personages disguising Masonic Evil? You be the Judge.


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