Sunday, November 14, 2010

China Using USA Debt as Assymetrical Warfare

There is nothing worse than being at war with an enemy determined to erase you from the

map and not even know it. The People's Republic of China has enslaved its people to create an

unavoidable temptation for US capitalists. The cheap labor drew away the American industries

from the Rust Belt and elsewhere and packed them up to Red China. China industrialized almost

overnight. The bribed our politicians such as Bill Clinton to give them access to high-technology.

They then loaned us money endlessly and still do. Now, we are endebted to them to a point that

is no longer payable or rational. They own us. We must keep borrowing just to use the money to

pay interest on the debt we already owe them and others. This cycle then continues until we ,

like the Czar of Russia , are forced to give them Alaska and Hawaii and Taiwan and South Korea

and Japan and so forth - - for worthless f(*&^ing paper. This is where all of this is going.

There is a remedy. But any politician who tries to implement it would likely be killed or have

a plane accident. Here is the way out of this quagmire.

REPUDIATE THE DEBT. It is economic warfare we are in - pure and simple. Simply come up

with a reason as to how the PRC and others "cheated" and defrauded us and therefore we will

not pay. It does not have to be true. It just has to be plausible. Now we sit in the driver's seat.

The USA can then speak of how much debt "it really owes" and how and in what manner it can

be paid.

AT THE END OF THE DAY - No one can make us pay. We have food. We are the grocery store

of the world. We have Nuclear Weapons. No one can collect. China has weapons as well , but they

and other hostile forces such as the Saudis, the Russians , Cuba , North Korea , and on and on


Let it be said , You heard it here first. It is time to reverse the assymetrical warfare. Repudiate

the debt , bite the bullet , hide behind our Oceans with our food and weapons. When the dust

settles , the USA will be on top again. The entire Debt Crisis will seem like a brilliant piece of

Strategic Thinking right out of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. The alternative is slavery - then death.

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