Sunday, September 12, 2010

741 Coyote Omen links End Times Seven Churches

Several weeks ago while returning from the ever-dangerous USA - Mexico region , this writer

was travelling north on the highway. In broad daylight , a coyote darted out from the desert into

the middle of the lane. To turn into to other lane going in the same direction was impossible. A

car was rapidly approaching. Suddenly, the coyote looked at me - his impending death - arriving

and he turned tail and went back into the outback. The car in the next lane passed. Its license

plate had the numbers 741.

Weeks before this writer travelling in the opposite direction had been passed by a satanic

red mustang with the same 741 plate number. This writer then realized it was a sign....more

needed to be done to expose the message from the illuminati forces that define , control and

manipulate our reality - or what is called reality. It is in fact a vast hologram created by other-

than human forces ... for reasons unfathomable to mere mortals such as ourselves.

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New Information on Sinister Seven Fourty One 741:

1. 741 divided by Pi = 235.86 - go to and insert previous formula for proof.

2. The number 235 is linked to the Great Pyramid of Giza. "It covers more than 5.5 hectares
(13.5 acres) at the base, which is a square of over 235 metres (775 feet) on each side." .

3. The number 235 is also linked to the axis of the Earth and the mythical Jesus and Mary

Magdalene royal bloodline. and also .

4. The number 741 added to itself and its reverse 147 added to itself and the sum of both

added together = 1776. The year the USA was founded on 7-4-1776. The number 741 also

links the great Mayan King - Pacal The Great. .

5. Another article states that the real number of the Beast may be 776 .

The 741 followed by 776 are the number of the year the Great Masonic Experiment known as

the USA was founded. If you add the two numbers together you arrive at 1517. This was the

year Martin Luther posted his theses on the church door. The prime factors of 1517 are 37 x 41

which is obviously 37 x 41 . . The number 37 is the largest

prime number divisible into 666. The number 7 occurs in the bible 287 times which equals 7 x 41 .

The word Tree appears in the bible also 287 times. . Therefore , one can begin to grasp the

concept of SEVEN TREES. In the end times , God or G-D plants SEVEN TREES IN THE

WILDERNESS. The remnants of the faithful flock together to build a final Church in a remote

place - to make a last stand against evil , while awaiting the return of Christ. .


It is here , amidst this sand and blood being spilt , between cacti and scorpions , that the Last

Stronghold will be built. It is here where evil , like the trickster coyote will turn tail and run. This

is the location of the New Church - The New Jerusalem , descending from the Heavens after

the Great Battle which looms in the near future. Are you prepared? The answer better be yes.


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