Sunday, September 19, 2010

Antelope Valley evil brainwashes unlucky 13

Today this writer noticed a breaking news development from California. An Apocalypse cult

or sect numbering 13 people left their homes and belongings behind and disappeared. They

believed a massive earthquake was forthcoming and that it was the end of the world. .

The group was found alive and the leader, a female from El Salvador, was found rambling

incoherently - obviously insane ... or possessed. .

They were found in Jackie Robinson park in Palmdale , California. Palmdale contains a

massive brainwashing and mind-control complex. Scroll down 60% and scroll down 70% "California, Palmdale - Reports

of a multi-layered technology center over 8 levels in depth and the size of a massive city. Many

of the workers being 'synthetics' and humans with "ultra-top secret" security clearances.

source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, July 7 , 1992 , The Skunk Works - Palmdale. .

If you google the story , the caption discusses authorities searching Antelope Valley. Yet the

story itself does not mention the name. This is indicative of media complicity in covering up

what is going on. . Why would they not

want to mention the term ANTELOPE VALLEY? Well, the place is notorious for occult and

black magick activity. and .

Then there is the number of people. 13. The number's link to sorcery does not need citation.

5 adults and 8 children. The number 58. The number 58 was considered unlucky in Aztec

mythology. 58 original sins. .

Further 5 x 8 = 40. There were 40 days and nights of rain when the world was flooded. For 40 years the jews wandered in the desert. Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and so on.


Today is 9-19-10. 91910 is a zip code located in Chula Vista, California. Chula Vista is the site of

the Headquarters for Thelema , the religion / cult group founded by Aleister Crowley. He called

himself , The Great Beast - 666. Reversed , it is the number 19. A number associated with

disaster. Fortunately , God was with the young children. This is , however , a bad omen because

in less than two days we will be on 9-21 , a sabbat of witchcraft. Could it be that this attempt

was merely a trial run? We shall see. Pray that the Almighty protects us - from the snares of

the illuminati and the evil hierarchies they serve.


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