Sunday, December 12, 2010

Madoff Son "Suicided" by the Illuminati

Bernie Madoff was far more than a con artist. He was involved in much more than stealing

funds from gullible zionist billionaires. He was an integral link in the BLACK MONEY networks

that the illuminati use to fund their projects with the ultimate goal of taking over the world and

allowing the antichrist to arrive and control the Earth.

SEE: .

Some suspect the money went to Israel. The place where the antichrist must have his Temple of

Doom built to rule the Earth. .

and Temple of Evil being rebuilt in Israel: .

They say Madoff's son committed suicide. Well , the truth is he was suicided. They killed him

and made it look like a suicide or he was told that if he did not do it - his child and so forth would

get "whacked". This is how they do it. This is how it leaves no trace and wraps everything up

real nice and simple. .

There is a whole rash of "suicides" associated with Madoff. Really? Kind of sounds like how all

the JFK witnesses that saw a man on the grassy knoll, gradually, all died one-by-one an

untimely death. More Coincidence...right? and .


1. Rebuilding the Temple when they can.

2. Associate Banksters crash the US economy and lower the price of every piece of Real Estate

in the USA - then bottom-feed when it all hits bottom during a Depression.

3. Then sell the whole Country to Red China investors for yet another profit.

This is our future - unless the infiltration/infestation is halted. But who will do that in the US

Government? The answer is nobody. It is too late. If anyone tried...they would "commit suicide".


Michel said...

Another excellent made. This is for sure another work done for a specific agenda. It is very disturbing. Do you think the Temple will be built in Jerusalem?

Michel said...

Holy Spirit Army,

Feel free to answer my questions as well when you have time! We are all together on this!


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