Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boxing Day Tsunami linked to Kukulkan Flood Myth

The Boxing Day Tsunami on December 26, 2004 was no natural occurrence. It was likely

caused by Weather Warfare technology utilized by the Illuminati elite to wreak havoc for their

own purposes while labeling as "crazy" anyone who investigates this.

The present article provides information on a link between the Tsunami and the Myth of

Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan deity whose fabled return is expected on 12-21-2012.







December 26 is known throughout much of the english-speaking world , except the USA as

Boxing Day. It is linked to the Occult Encyclopedia known as The Golden Bough. "Boxing Day

was the day when the wren , the king of birds, was captured and put in a box and introduced to

each household in the village when he would be asked for a successful year and a good harvest.

See Frazer's Golden Bough." .

4. The Illuminati University of William and Mary College has a Secret Society known as The

Wren Society. No one knows who its members are. In fact, it was at William and Mary College / that the first secret society

was born. The evil spread throughout the USA. Skull and Bones came decades later.

PHI BETA KAPPA. President Obama is a member. .

"Some North American iluminist orders that have betrayed to Bavarian Illuminati....are the

student brotherhood Phi-Beta-Kappa, founded on 1776 by students of William & Mary College ,

in Williamsburg, Virginia..." .

See next link for extensive information on Secret Society formation at William and Mary:

5. Wren Society at William and Mary College: and

scroll down to Secret Societies at .

6. The Wren Society was named after Sir Christopher Wren. He was the Illuminati architect

that redesigned London after the Great Fire of 1666. and .

7. According to the Mayan legend, The Quetzal or Kukul is THE KING OF THE BIRDS.

and .

8. Quetzal is the word linked to Quetzalcoatl and Kukul is the word linked to Kukulkan. The

Fiery flying Serpent deity that is to return to the Earth on December 21, 2012. and .

The word is Quetzal for the bird and Coatl for snake. A Snake Bird. Kukulkan is the Mayan word

and Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec word. They stand for the same entity.

9. Kukulkan is associated with a GREAT FLOOD MYTH. He travels to the underworld after

a flood had destroyed mankind and essentially restarts the human race. Scroll down 70% .

10. December 26, 2004 was The 361st day of the Year since 2004 was a leap year. In a

ordinary year it would be day 360 as in the 360 degrees of the Circle. In a leap year it is day

361 which happens to be 19 squared. The number 19 of course is prevalent in the 9/11 attacks.


The Boxing Day Tsunami was a reenactment of the Mayan Great Flood Epic in homage to the

imminent return of Kukulkan.


ApprenticeTeacher said...

I have been following a different line of investigation...was the Boxing Day Tsunami caused by drilling into hot rock?

My blog CSISumatra was posted on AsiaTimes in 2005, to see if I could find any students of engineering from the IO regions, who could help track down evidence of massive steam explosions or any other signs of an undersea blowout...

I spent 3 years on drilling rigs in Kali fornia, before being sidelined by a hand injury in 2003; I learned a great deal about offshore explorations, and the first thing I looked at after the Tsunami news broke was a search on the words offshore sumatra and offshore indonesia. There were plans to lay an undersea gas pipeline to Malaysia, which would require extensive preparation of the seafloor in a seismically unstable region.

Now, whenever there is a seismic event anywhere in the world, we look at offshore and onshore drilling and production activities; we may be able to trace the tampering with undersea back to mining regions of ancient greece and rome; egypt and babylon...the ore for weapons had to come from somewhere.

Any time one excavates under the sea level horizon, there is always the risk of liquefaction causing sea water to leak into caves...and find its way to hot rock, even hundreds or thousands of miles away.

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