Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pi links 666 to Masonic 33rd Degree and Thoth

Pi appears to be a literal key to unlocking the secrets of the Illuminists and their plan for total

global enslavement. It is more than a curiosity and a math gee-whiz object. Pi contains the way

to decipher the meaning of their symbols and strategy. Here is a new discovery.

The string of three sixes or 666 appears (among other places) in Pi at digit number 33,363.

This happens to be the 29th place where 666 appears in sequence in Pi.

1. This happens to coincide with the Masonic 33rd parallel. .

2. Also , of course, the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry.

3. The Number 363 is associated with the ancient egyptian deity - Thoth. .

4. Thoth is associated with Freemasonry. Scroll to near bottom. .


In roman numerals, the number 29 could be IIIX , which would appear to be 13. 9/11 in

Europe would be 11/9 for the date of the attacks. The Roman numeral for 2 is II. Therefore ,

II 9 would be 29 , a link to 9/11. The 23rd position in Pi where a string of three sixes appears is

at digits number 29,666. This links together THE NUMBER 23 and 29 and 666.

See also Number 23 Phenomenon. . More Coincidence? The

number 92 is linked to AL QAEDA. This of course is 29 reversed. .

Al Qaeda was "born" on the 29th of December (see previous link) which happens to be in an

Ordinary Year, the 363rd day of the year. The number of Thoth see above. More Coincidence?

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