Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pythagoras string theory linked to The Dark Rift

Pythagoras has been called the Father of String Theory. . This writer
noted a connection between Pythagoras so-called Mystery Numbers and the number 625. .

The number 256 is associated with voodoo deities and computer programming, and the I ching. and .

This writer noticed when looking at the time on a clock that 6:25 (The Pythagoras linked number) was also 25 minutes after 6 p.m or 256. The two numbers are the same or mirror images of each other.

A Pythagorean semitone has the number 256 in prominent view. 256/243. .

2.56 x 6.25 = 16 16 squared = 256 25 x 25 = 625

The key numbers here are 16 and 25. 16 = 2x2x2x2 and 25 = 5x5

2 to the 4th power and 5 squared form the basis for the ideology or theory of strings and voodoo.

16 x 25 = 400. The word "Fear" appears exactly 400 times in the Bible. .

The Mayans placed importance in 400 orbits of Saturn. . Saturn is linked to Fear. .

400 Mayan solar years is 144,000 days, a number prominent in the Book of Revelations. See- Apocalypse 2012 - A scientific investigation into civilization's end By Lawrence E. Joseph.

WE HAVE BEEN WARNED: We are about to enter The Dark Rift. The question remains as to

how or if we will emerge. . The Factor of

20 is The Fear Factor.

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