Monday, January 31, 2011

Momentum Building for Jade Revolution in Red China

The recent events in Egypt are indicative of what lies both behind the scenes as well as what

one can expect for the future. The Lotus Revolution in Egypt follows the Jasmine Revolution in

Tunisia. Coincidence? Spontaneous events that emerge from nowhere? Crowds just form, no

visible leadership. High technology communications form the core of the structure, timing and

activities of the activists. A body that is like an amoeba with no head or visible structure. Similar

revolutions formed in Serbia , the Ukraine , Iran , Algeria and so forth. Those were color coded in

name. There have been so many that the "Agency" ran out of colors and now is using flowers or

plants. It is interesting also that Islam prohibits the use of human and animal forms in art or

elsewhere but allows flowers - which both Jasmine and Lotus adhere to.

Why is this happening now? Likely scenario:

The arabs are getting very queasy with the US dollar. They may be flirting with a new currency

or basket of currencies or mixture including Gold to sell their oil. This would be devastating to

the Dollar and to the very survival of the USA as a Superpower. Saddam Hussein tried to change

to Euros and he was hanged for it and lived to see his two sons and one grandson slaughtered

when they could easily have been captured alive. These bogus revolutions are a signal to the

arabs that the USA is still in charge. That the price of oil needs to stay steady or come down a bit

and that heads of leaders will roll if anyone tries to buck the "Buck". This is also a reminder to

all leaders in that part of the world that they are hated by the masses they rule over and that

with a bit of help they could end up strung up by the heels like Mussolini and his mistress were

or meet the Guillotine like the French aristocracy did.

This is a signal to Iran , Venezuela and others that the USA created and rules over the high-tech

gadget filled world of the present and future and that once in - there is no out and no going back.

This ultimately leads to the mega-revolution in the making: The Jade Revolution in China. The

other pupil in this lesson game plan is China. They are watching. Their leaders have a great

resemblance to the arab monarchs, pharoahs and black turbaned-head "religious" leaders of the

Gulf region and Africa. China is being told - keep the dollar. Raise the value of your currency.

And above all keep pretending to buy the Treasury bonds that we are pretending to sell you.

Keep pretending that we are solvent and will someday pay you back - or else. That is the real

story you are not hearing or seeing on CNN. You see...the debt of trillions is unpayable. It may

total 70 trillion dollars with derivatives. More is owed by the USA's 5% percent of the human

species than the net debt and net assets and Global Gross Domestic Product of the entire history

of the planet and economics down to the caveman times. That is fact. What we have now is the

endgame and the illuminati zionist ruled USA is pulling back no punches in a desperate gamble

and struggle to survive and stay on top. No nation, good or evil , large or small is safe. Neither

are individuals, bank accounts , realty --- nothing. They will take it all if they can. Wall Street is

now Dodge City and the gunslingers are showing their wares. What China does will be interesting

to see. The arabs street may bow towards Mecca but their leaders now know the price of failure

to bow towards Wall Street. A sad world we live in. Stay tuned. More flowers on the way.

EVIDENCE OF TRUTH: This writer said South Korea would be forced to sign a Free Trade deal

and they were. Watch China raise the value of its currency very soon. Watch the price of oil

drop when Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States raise production. Who is next on the list? Sudan.

This is a warning to War Criminal Bashir that he needs to let the oil-rich south secede - or else.


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