Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney is entitled to Mexican Citizenship

The USA is going from a kenyan born , grandson of a witch doctor , that carries a hindu

monkey deity amulet with him - Barack Obama to future President Mitt Romney who is an LDS

mormon, whose father was born in Mexico. Barack bowed to Mecca at a Madrassa in Djakarta.

Barack also attended Catholic school whose leader is the Pope in the Vatican. (what religion is he?)

Mitt Romney and his ancestors bow and tithe ten percent of their income to the network of

so-called Apostles in Salt Lake City. Did you know that Mitt's father was born in Mexico? This

is not just some cute news. This has implications. Real implications. According to current law

in the United States of Mexico, Mitt Romney is entitled to Mexican Citizenship since his father

was born in that country and by the law of every nation on Earth was a Mexican citizen. There

is no known record that his father renounced Mexican citizenship when he returned to the USA.

There is no record that his father BECAME A US CITIZEN WHEN THE FAMILY CAME TO

THE USA. The articles say that Mitt's paternal grandparents were US citizens but where is the

all-important proof? It appears his ancestors renounced the USA due to the polygamy issue and

that they left with no intention to return. In fact, they left before Utah became a State of the

Union. If Mitt's paternal grandparents were not US citizens (being white does not make them

that nor does speaking English - otherwise every Australian or Canadian or New Zealander

would be American) then their son , Mitt's Dad would not be a US citizen and could not claim

US citizenship by birth - but he would claim Mexican citizenship. This explains WHY Mitt sends

USA jobs overseas and shuts down companies here. He is a plant. An infiltrator. He could commit

a crime here, flee to Mexico, claim citizenship through his father and not be subject to

extradition due to that country's asylum laws for its citizens. Nothing could be done about it. He

can buy property there and own it - not just rent it- something only Mexicans can do there.

He will try to implement the waning plan to create a North American Union and the Amero


CONCLUSION AND QUESTION? Obama was born in Kenya. John McCain was born in Panama.

Mitt Romney is a de facto Mexican Citizen. DOES AMERICA WANT ANOTHER FOREIGNER

IN THE WHITE HOUSE? It appears that the Romneys are Americans when it suits them and

not Americans when it suits them. Their real allegiance is to the mysterious apostle leaders of

the LDS in Salt Lake City and their neo-masonic alleged cult. ARE WE GOING TO LET THIS

HAPPEN AGAIN? Two Presidents in a row that do not go to Church? That do not believe in

Jesus as Savior? This issue must be investigated before it is too late. Before evil triumphs again.


watsonourblog said...

Your bigotry is showing! You must be one of those so-called Christians who choose not to follow the example of the Savior. Shame. Shame. Mitt's church is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." Do you know of any other church who is so confident in their belief and their ability to follow the savior that they would call themselves His church? They are CHRISTIANS!

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CONCLUSION AND QUESTION? Obama was born in Kenya. John McCain was born in Panama.
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