Sunday, February 15, 2009

Start of the Crusades links Davinci Code to Cydonia

The bizarre nature of Illuminati mathematics, phyics and numerology seems to be behind or at

least associated with many major world events. This brief article merely highlights a discovery

that appears to link The date of the Speech given by Pope Urban to begin the Crusades against

Islam in the year 1095 with the mystical , irrational number Pi and the Hyperdimensional

stargate which many believe exists on Cydonia plain, on the fiery red planet, Mars.

Again, too many coincidences for comfort , but the reader must decide if it coincidence or


1. Pope Urban II gave what many believe to be the most important speech in the Middle Ages

when he called for a war against the muslims which he called , in english , a Crusade. The latin

word for Cross is Cruz. This is where the name comes from. The speech was given in the french

city of Claremont, on November 27, 1095 AD. .

2. 11 - 27 - 1095 Numerology explained:

This writer just finished an article noting a link between Easter Island and The Cydonia Region

of Mars. Easter Island, midway between Tahiti and Chile is located at 27. Latitude S and 109.5

Longitude W. When the two numbers are multipled, the sum is nearly the same numbers for the

latitude of the Pyramid at Giza. 27 - 1095.

dated February 15, 2009.

November is Eleven or 11. In numerology that would be 1 + 1 = 2 , to get it to a single digit form.

2 27 can be 22/7 or a symbol for Pi. Therefore, the 11-27 could be 227 ... 22/7. .

What this hints at then is that the speech was timed to link Pi , the location of Easter Island and

the Cydonia tetrahedral - hyperdimensional physics which revolve around the number 19.5

which is numerically speaking the same as 109.5. (Zero has no value).

2. This speech led to several hundred years of War. In ancient mythology , the planet associated

with the Roman war god ... is Mars. "He is also the tutelary god of the city of Rome" .

The Pope , of course , rules over the Church from the City of Rome.

3. If you multiply Pi x 1095 , the answer is 3440. ... Go to and insert the

numbers for proof. The number 3440 is linked to the so-called Lucifer Project , which some

believed was an attempt by NASA to turn Jupiter into a second Sun in our Solar System.

"The 3,440 neutrons per gram per seconds of Pu-238 (highly radioactive explosive plutonium) are the real reason for concern." scroll down 30% .

4. The purpose of turning Jupiter into a second Sun was ostensibly to make Mars an inhabitable

planet ... again. Scroll down 50% "it would be planned by NASA to speed terreforming of Mars" .

5. The project could never have happened if Pope Urban II had not given his speech and started

the Crusades as well as the contact with Byzantine and Muslim civilization by Western Europe

which ultimately led to today's space travel and the creation of Pu-238.

Therefore, A speech by a Pope which rules over a city founded by Romulus , son of the War

god Mars, numerologically links to the Cydonia plain of Mars and leads to an attempt to bring

back the prospect of life to Mars, the planet that hosted the Nephilim / fallen angel civilization.

6. The First President of Israel , Chaim Weizmann was born on 11-27. This is interesting since

the Crusades were fought over control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

7. In his speech , starting the Crusades, Pope Urban II stated "That land... was given by God

into the power of the Children of Israel. " . What are the

odds that the First President of Israel was born on the day that this speech - which ultimately

led to the creation of modern Israel - was given, is a coincidence?

8. Another important person born on 11-27 is Caroline Kennedy, daughter of former President

Kennedy. In fact it is 11-27-1957. Almost the same numbers as The date of Urban' speech and

her year of birth begins with the cydonia hyperdimensional angle of 19.5. .

9. Caroline Kennedy descends from the Bloodline of the Irish Kings and the Illuminati. and .

10. The Irish may be descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

and .

11. President Barack Obama is a stalking horse for the Kennedy clan.

See also the other Kennedy Obama Connection: .

12. Some believe that the rise of Obama may be linked to the desire by the Vatican to control

Jerusalem. "First you have to realize that for centuries The Vatican has attempted to obtain

control of Jerusalem, which started with the Crusades." . .

13. The previous Haaretz link indicates that the Vatican and Israel will engage in a land swap in

which the Vatican will control the Room of the Last Supper. This is interesting. The painting by

Leonardo Davinci of The Last Supper was central to the ideas behind the book and movie The

Davinci Code. Jesus and Mary Magdalene had descendants. They would be members of the

Royal Davidic Line , from King David of the Old Testament. .

As noted in the previous link - The Room of the Last Supper is said to be in a building built

above King David's Tomb. How coincidental. This could be a perfect opportunity for digging to

see if a Royal Tomb can be found. From there , the DNA testing of possible descendants can begin. .


This may begin to fit in perfectly if one accepts the possibility that the illuminati bloodline could

be of Martian origin. .

Could it be that the real Davinci Code is the DNA of KING DAVID himself? The name Da Vinci

means Da or in spanish DE , which means 'from'. Vinci , is Latin for conqueror. FROM or OF THE


The antichrist is described as "a conqueror" .

The bloodline of the conqueror or antichrist is one possibility as the true meaning of "the code".

The links to strange places on Earth and Mars...seem connected to future events. We shall see.

King David ... of the Davidic line-based Davinci Code...was a conqueror.

If there was a Code in the name Davinci has now been broken.


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