Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cydonia 3333 exposes Euler Number link to 9/11

A Science Fiction comedy movie of a few years ago was named "Mars Attacks". Maybe it was

not all fiction... . This writer has found evidence (as have

many others) of numerological links to the 9/11 attacks that indicate it was a Masonic Mega-

Ritual of almost unbelievable scope. Separate articles have also noted that the number 3333

seemed to be associated with business entities having it as an address AND other offices or sites

with addresses of 666. This has been linked to the Cydonia region of Mars. See: .

See also: "As we have noted before, engineer and probabilities expert Mary Anne Weaver has

pointed out that one of the basic trigonometric functions of a circumscribed tetrahedron, the sine

of 19.471 -- the key "circumscribed tetrahedral angle" at Cydonia --is .3333. That in of itself

would be merely 'interesting' if it were the only mathematical link between 19.5 and 33, bu there

is another, more significant link. ... So it makes complete sense then that a secret society, with an

ancient knowledge of Hyperdimensional Physics at the core of its high mysteries, would choose

the 33rd level as its symbolic highest level of enlightenment. Most observers would never figure

it out. At least not before we got a good look at Cydonia. " .


The Euler Number begins with .577.... This should not be confused with the Euler Constant,

which is different. The number 577 comes up repeatedly in the Pentagon false flag attack of that

fateful day. .

This article provides a new bit of information to the numerological puzzle known as 9/11.

What is the Square Root of 3333? Go to and insert - square root 3333 - .

The answer begins with 577. 57.7321401 in fact. Another coincidence? If the .577 number

sequence associated with the Euler number is accepted as verifiable fact, then it links to 3333,

which is linked to the 19.5 degree angle associated with the destroyed Nephilim civilization on

Cydonia plain, Mars.

Further, there is a 3333 link to "The spirit of Mars" , the 2012 Mayan belief in the return of

Kukulkan, the feathered serpent that flies through the sky and is associated with The End of the

World as we know it. .

5 x 7 x 7 = 245. The number of steps in the Temple of the Sun...Teotihuacan, modern day

Mexico City. Where human sacrifices were made to the feathered serpent. Coincidence or was

the 9/11 attack a massive human sacrifice ritual to the wargod Samael, the Spirit of Mars? .

Their pyramid of the moon has that many steps as well. .


The deeper it gets the more light is shed. Can we stop them? Stay tuned....

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