Monday, February 2, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder serves the Illuminati

The Senate has just confirmed Eric Holder, Esq. as the Attorney General of the USA. His choice

was not without controversy. However , due to his deep links and longstanding service to the

satanic bloodlines of the illuminati and the dark hierarchies they serve...there was never any

doubt about his selection.


1. Eric Holder took part in the pardon of Arch-Mossad Agent Marc Rich. The biggest tax cheat

in USA pardoned...when how many have been jailed and ruined for far less? Not only that but

Mr. Rich made the money trading oil to the mullahs of Iran holding US hostages. .

2. Eric Holder was a partner in the law firm of Covington and Burling. Some believe that the

law firm represents the illuminati elites. scroll down 50%. "William Putnam Bundy..." .

3. Covington Burling has a 333 address office. This number is believed to be part of the 333

555 Network. Silicon Valley - . For more information on the Network that

appears to use those numbers as an identifier , code or corporate "mark of the beast" see: and .

4. Oddly, enough, Mark Rich is connected to the 333 555 network. .


Where will AG Eric Holder's main office be now that he is the leader of the Federal prosecutors

of the USA? At a 555 address. It is 555 4th Street , Washington , D.C.. There is also another

office with the 555 address , in New Mexico. . Eric Holder

defended lawsuits against the families of victims of terrorists. (For Chiquita Banana). The firm

represented Halliburton. Both Chiquita Banana and Halliburton are 333 and 555 krewed.

See: . Chiquita 333 at and Halliburton 555 at .

Dear Reader....Don't these numbers really add up to........ 666 ?

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