Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christopher Wren Great Fire Monument link to London Tube Bombings

Whatever is actually running the illuminati networks is not human. The best proof of this is

the sheer longevity of the planning and the deeply hidden links to sinister events throughout

many centuries. Human beings can barely plan ahead for the week's schedule. Whatever is

behind the plot to place all of mankind under a globalist government dedicated to absoltue

evil , plans across many lifetimes.

Christopher Wren rebuilt much of London after the Great Fire of 1666 . He was a master

freemason according to most analysts. This writer believes that the Fire was no accident, that

it was planned precisely to allow the realignment of many structures to serve a geomancy of

evil forces operating along a ley line grid.

The present article notes various numerological links between Wren's Monument to the

Great Fire, to the 7/7 London Tube bombings. Whether these are coincidence or conspiracy it

is up to the reader to decide.

Numerology of Christopher Wren's Great Fire Monument:

1. To begin with, the Great Fire was in 1666.

2. The Monument is 203 feet tall and is 203 feet from the exact spot where the fire started.

3. The Monument has 311 steps in its spiral staircase to reach the top.

* Why the monument had to be that high and also that far away from the source of the fire is

unknown - - - and no one asks the question either. www.londondrum.com/cityguide/monument.php .

A. Great Fire 1666 - The numerology does not require any additional commentary. However,

666 Desdemona is a minor planet orbiting our sun. Not to be confused with a moon of Uranus. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/666_Desdemona .

B. The number 203 is really The number 23 since zero has no value in western numerology.

The number 23 has a cult like following and is associated with Eris the goddess of chaos, which

makes sense when one thinks of the massive chaos that ensued in that inferno without modern

fire-fighting equipment. www.elliotback.com/wp/23/ . Eris is now the name of a planet. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-23numerology.htm .

C. In the 1670s when the monument was built, a building of 203 meters as opposed to 203

feet would likely have been impossible. Wren knew his math. He knew feet and inches and he

knew meters and kilometers. He had to know that 203 feet was a metaphor for 203 meters

which happens to be 666 feet. The satanic number for the year and the coded number glorifying

it for masonry to have a chance to realign the city. see link for 666 = 203 only/scroll to bottom. www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/finder?sr=Y&call=WOHT . A coincidence ?

D. The Madrid Train Bombings took place on 3/11 and are linked along with 9/11 in a bizarre

numerology of Terror. www.hddesign.forumup.nl/about14-0-asc-15-hddesign.html scroll down

15%. Again, note the 311 steps in the spiral stairway to the 203 foot top of the Wren monument.


E. Others have noted the numerology of the trains. This article adds some to the information.

Scroll down 90% www.ellisctaylor.homestead.com/headlinesarchivesjan2006.html .

Train 311 - obvious connection to 3/11 Madrid attacks but also to the 311 steps on the Number

23 Great Fire 666 monument. Further 3 x 11 = 33 . The highest degree of Freemasonry.

Train 216 - The number 216 is a play on words or better said numbers for 666.

6 CUBED or 6x6x6 = 216.

Train 204 - No cigar but close to 203...right? Wrong. For this writer close does not exist. The

numerology must be exact to have credence. However, look at the following:

203 x 1 + 1 = 204

There you have it: The numbers 203 of the height of the Great Fire Monument and its distance

from the source AND the 311 of the spiral staircase, all in one. Take out the plus and times and

you have 20311. This is also another way of saying TO 311 or TO 3 11s and 3 11s is 33.

This could also be 203311 which is To 33 To or a mirror-image meaning the same thing both


The Great London Fire of 1666 and the London Tube Bombings of 2007 are numerically linked.

The 33 of Freemasonry is the object of both events. The goals of the 33rd Degree which are

one with the goals of the Devil.

Further 203 x 11 = 2233 or 2 11s and 3 11s . Again, a number with many odd permutations.

One Bus exploded in London on 7/7. It was the number 30 Bus and 13 died. The number 43. www.vic.australis.com.au/hazz/number043.html .

The number 43 is 4 + 3 =7. / 2 11s and 3 11s = 11111 or 5. There is a relationship between

5 and 7 in Pascal's Triangle and an object known as a Tetrahedron. www.virtuescience.com/zztriangle.html

Also 7-7-05 , the date of the london tube bombing has again a connection between 7 and 5. And

the year 2005 = 2+5 or again 7. Coincidence? Actually , no. The Tetrahedron is heavily

associated with "4th Dimensional Energy". www.dprins.demon.nl/convergence/octacrop.html

scroll down 50%.


The Great London Fire was a inside job terrorist event as was the 7/7 London Tube Bombing.

Both matters involved great destruction, fire and horror. They are ultimately linked in the 4th

Dimensional realm through a science or technology used by illuminati elites , which for lack of a

better word we must call black magic. www.enterprisemission.com/corbett.htm . They use the

energy discharged through blood , fire and pain into the 4th Dimension to then retransmit it

into our Universe to effectuate changes in accordance with their will and objectives. That is why

these "senseless" crimes are not senseless...they have power and meaning -for those who serve

evil. This is the answer to why the terroristic slaughter and endless nightmares continue. Now,

the question is - how do we stop it?

Mars as noted in the last link is associated with Tetrahedrons. We are in a war. Sadly, most

people do not even know who the real enemy is. The word must be spread. Time is short.


survivalcell said...

Please check out my geomancy blog. It has some wierd correlations. I have found some odd coincidences with a storage yard of over a million plastic coffins and a geomantic line established by thomas jefferson. survivalcell.blogspot.com

lesliejindan said...

Thanks a Great article on 1666
and 23...So do you see 23.5* in Poussin's art, (Gary Osborn's Paradigm Shift)as part of the message?

I agree that this is eonic, and that there are many occult ways
devised to complete their nefarious plan...My entry into
what is called 'alternative'
History came first thru a Past-Life
regression in Egypt, then following these'architype-re-manifests- to Rennes Le Chateau
The Real Da Vinci Code, I believe is ,'Conscious Re-Incarnation' or more correctly 'ReManifestation'

These guys are Black Sorcerors,
needing all 4 manifest Abbes at RLC to carry out the plan at the Ancient Atlantean stronghold...
Tour Magdalene HAD to be built
EXACTLY where it was...and here is the Unbelievable TRUTH to wrap our heads around...THEY are all ONE..
Or 4 manifestaions of the same Architype Soul...It not only makes sense of RLC, but when one sees their current lives, it's Crystal Clear....Weird?

Sauniere orders his coffin 5 days before, then on Jan 17th, 1917
at the appointed time, he has a stroke.But Sauniere's confession
ending with John Twenty Three
that tells it all...John 23 wasn't to be Pope until 1958, so Nostradamus wasn't the only one who knew the future Popes...Only in this case, it was Sauniere and his multiples...Get the picture?
The thing is...if we don't get it-
it will continue-until there is NO
Human Race left...

Luke Dunn said...

September 9 2016
We live in a dome on a plane