Sunday, December 16, 2007

Golden Ratio Phi 666 linked to largest Black Massacre of Whites

This writer has realized the depth of the illuminati numerology and ley line driven magic

and technology (of a nature we are told is nonsense and cannot exist) as impressive. It is

complex and attempts to utilize zones of psychic power to commit ritual killings to gain power.

Temporal Power , not just merely mumbo-jumbo or parlor tricks.

The illuminati are and have been creating a One-World empire brick by brick all around us

and yet we know nothing. These articles hope to do what is possible to end the mathematical

ignorance that allows them to work their evil in the darkness - while smiling to our face and

calling themselves "our leaders".

Democratic Republic of the Congo / Zaire:

This is truly the heart of darkness. Few places have seen more widespread butchery , slavery

and exploitation of human beings and the looting of mineral and natural resources than Africa

and in particular , Zaire or what once was called the Belgian Congo and now goes by DRC or

Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Belgian Royalty killed an estimated TEN MILLION

black africans while looting diamonds and precious resources. Unlike the jews in the Holocaust

there was no Steven Spielberg to make movies about their horror and plight. Two million

square kilometers were owned by one man...the King of Belgium. / It has only recently been noted and it

is called a genocide for good reason. .

At present , the Congo or Zaire was torn apart by US and western interests that collapsed the

central government and replaced it with...nothing. Sheer anarchy allowed the Illuminati Robber

Baron Elites to exploit at will. Everything from Coltan to Uranium to children as slaves to timber

gold and diamonds. The Bush and Clinton Yale-Coven-College families were in it up to their skull

and bones eye sockets.

...nothing changes ...

The Evil white King Leopold was replaced by an Evil black dictator named Mobutu Sese Seko

He ran a cult of personality and a "kleptocracy". .

Needless to say, he was into black magic, sorcery and even "supped on human blood" and " he

may have used too much black magic- it has a tendency to rebound if used indescretely- " . scroll down 80% . According to the

previous link, this ...vampire?... stayed at George W. Bush's home 24 times. What did they eat?


Phi or the Golden Ratio is a famous mathematical concept noted by the famous logician Euclid

in ancient times. and . and. .

Euclid is beloved by the Freemasons: .

The phi or golden ratio of 666 is - 1077.61064 - insert 666 phi .

If one uses this writer's premise that the 10.77 is a line of either latitude or longitude. One finds

the following in Zaire, the Belgian Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Latitude 10.77 = Kolwezi, DRC .

This is the exact location of the Kolwezi Airfield. It matches exactly the phi of 666 , the number

of the devil , the man of sin== the antichrist.

Kolwezi Airport was the scene of the largest massacre of white people by blacks in history.,9171,916174,00.html / .


Is this coincidence or conspiracy? The reader must determine. This article will be part of a

growing series of information products given to the reader regarding what appears to be a

ley line driven antichrist algebra or asmodeus algorithm that spans the globe. One incident -

coincidence , of course, but what happens when the number of horrid incidents along these

lines of masonic power continues to grow? That too will be for the reader to decide.

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