Thursday, December 20, 2007

Golden Ratio 1.618 phi is Longitude of DaVinci Code Languedoc

This writer believes that a startling discovery has been unearthed. It is one of those matters

that apparently hide in plain sight very well.

The issue is of critical importance, not only in and of itself, but also in proving this writer's

theorem that the various numerological components of 333, 666, masonic 33 and their square

root, phi , pi , cubed and so forth can be in fact code for energy lines of varying nature across the

globe. This is the concept behind ley lines or dragon lines. 666 is a location from whence will

emerge the beast. There are various places that can emanate the various energies. Likewise,

there are likely good or holy sites and places as well. Lucky locations and unlucky ones. The

energy will manifest itself based on a form of number magic or asmodeus algebra if you will.

This brief article will begin by providing the information first - then the proof. In the book,

The DaVinci Code and movie, the mystical number phi or 1.618 was of importance. The story

as most know by now revolves around Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene being married and

having a child or children that themselves have offspring that survive to the present day.

The staging point for this story is the Rennes-Le Chateau region of southern France, bordering

Italy and Spain. The main area or province is called Languedoc. It is where the Cathars made

their last stand on Montsegur and where the Merovingian Frankish tribal royalty intermingled

with Jesus bloodline to create today's Royal Families of Europe - or so the story goes.

One piece of the jigsaw puzzle ignored and undiscovered in spite of millions of viewers and

dollars spent on the topic is this simple fact. The province of LANGUEDOC is split in half by

LONGITUDE 1.618 - the exact number as phi 1.618 that figures so prominently

in the DaVinci Code mythology and no one has noticed until now......................


a) The Golden Ratio or God's Ratio as it is also known. It is also linked to the Divine Proportion

or mean and to the repeating sequence of numbers known as Fibonacci numbers.

b) . The ancient greeks believed they had

stumbled upon "God's building block".

c) Leonardo DaVinci used it in his art and designs. . .

google DaVinci 1.618 - DaVinci Golden Ratio or similar phrases.


d) Again, a secret society protects the offspring of the union/marriage of Jesus Christ and

Mary Magdalene to the present day. The Catholic Church is trying to eliminate them , also to

the present day. see: "the theory is that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and that their

descendants are today living in France." .

e) Leonardo DaVinci, in this allegedly fictional account of the life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

is the GrandMaster of a secret society known as the Priory of Sion that guards the secret. He

was , ostensibly, the 12th GrandMaster of the Order. .

Therefore, we have France - Phi 1.618 - Davinci Code - and the offspring of the Son of God

in Christianity, Jesus Christ all in - - - "Located in the heart of Languedoc... a chapel dedicated

to the Magdalene." .

f) See map of Languedoc region of France: The town of Albi from which the Albigensian crusade

against the Cathars gets its name is at 2.15 longitude. see first and then .

g) Montsegur, or Safe Mountain , where they made their last stand is located at 1.50.3 longitude .

* The Longitude 1.618 runs right between 2.15 and 1.50, a bit closer to the fortress which is

the cathars - albigensians best known locale. Therefore, Longitude 1.618 which matches exactly

Phi 1.618 runs right through the heart of DaVinci Code bloodline of Christ Country....


God's Ratio runs through the territory wherein reside the offspring of God's Son.

Can this alignment be a coincidence? Sure, but how can it go unnoticed...? Until now.

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Katengesha said...

My aim is not to critisize this article but all I want is just to shone a light in one which you seems to forget before you wrote this thing the more we find the reason the more we become blind.Jesus didnt marry nor possesed children.look deep inside aint you the bible