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Six Cubed Longitude 2.16 exposes satanic Albigensian Heresy

The historical battle over the true nature of the Cathar branch of Christianity rages on. This is

particularly true since the advent of the book and movie The Davinci Code. To some the Cathars

were devil worshippers disguised as reformers of the Catholic Church or a rival Christian

movement that made a brave stand against the evil of the Vatican. No one knows for sure at this

point except possibly the Pope and those in his immediate circle who likely have access to

information and evidence that could prove or disprove the true nature of the matter. The Pope

is not talking. He is not unlocking the secrets of the two top secret libraries available to him

beyond the Library of the Vatican. .

Therefore, independent efforts have to be made to determine the validity of what happened

in the Languedoc region of France 800 years ago.

This article has discovered something unusual in the once capital of the Albigensian Heresy

which led to the Crusade by the Vatican against them... a scorched earth policy without equal in

Europe up until that time. Again, it appears that Ley Lines or Dragon Lines may play a role in

the issue.

Background of Albigensian Heresy:

1. Albi , France , from whence the Heresy gets it name: and /

2. Albi , France was the fountainhead of the Albigensian Heresy and Crusade. .

3. What was the Albigensian Heresy? What were the heretics beliefs? see and "they were messengers of the antichrist and

caused many to wander from the faith. " .

4. Albi , France is at Longitude 2.15 - a significant portion of the urban area of the city in France

is under Longitude 2.16. See: and see the town

of Puygouzon , at 2.16666 is immediatley adjacent to Albi. See also

Lescure d'-Albigeois is also adjacent to the main town of Albi and it is at 2.16666 as well. .

"Around Albi, you can visit Lescure which have been a Cathar fortress." .

5. You can see how close to 2.16 Longitude Albi is by comparing it on a visual map to Carmaux

which is at Longitude 2.16. .

and map view: . As one can see the

dividing point for the Tarn District in which Albi is the centerpoint is essentially straddling 2.16. .


6. The number 216 is code for 666. Why? Because SIX CUBED or 6x6x6=216. It is odd that the

number of the beast is the dividing line for longitude 2.16 which runs right through Tarn district

and the eastern edge of the heart of the heresey, Albi, France.

7. 216 as code for 666 = scroll down 50%. / .

8. Oddly enough a book about the Albigensian Crusade and Heresy are 216 pages long. . Coincidence?

9. The number 216 also comes up in far east mystical architecture. .

10. In Rocamadour, France , a village set high in a mountain top, Kings , noblemen and peasants

walked up 216 steps to pay homage to the Virgin Mary (or so they think). Present is also a

sword said to belong to the great Hero Roland. scroll down 60%.

11. Rocamadour is associated with the cult of the Black Madonna which some associate with

Mary Magdalene and or the Cathar cult. and St.

Amadour who founded the site is said to in fact be Zacchaeus , a man that personally knew Jesus

and left the middle east for France. .

12. Black Madonna and Cathars and Templars= scroll down 50% / The land of heresy contains a black madonna site near Albi - .

13. Worship of Mary Magdalene wiped out by Albigensian Campaign. It is interesting that the

most famous site for a Black Madonna , associated with Mary Magdalene by many, has the

number 216 ascribed to must ascend 216 steps or allegory for 666 to reach the top AND

that the Longitude for the area around Tarn and capital Albi is split by Longitude 2.16 or 6

cubed or 666 as well. . .

It appears that this connection is previously undiscovered........


This connection between Longitude 2.16 and the 216 steps to reach the pinnacle of

Rocamadour appear to again confirm the theory that the occult numerology is linked to the

lines of latitude and longitude which IN FACT are Ley lines of some sort. The troubling aspect

of this is that 216 appears to be Illuminati code for SIX SIX SIX or 6 cubed. What this means is

up to the reader.

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There is sufficient scholarly material available to draw accurate conclusions about the medieval Cathar movement.

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