Sunday, December 16, 2007

Square Root 33 exposes Masonic rule over Montreal

The Illuminati love heights. From their master lucifer's attempt to take 'Heaven by Storm' to

Marduk building the Tower of Babel. They love looking down on humanity. We are, after all , to

them only useless feeders and slaves. The entire skyscraper concept is linked to this evil. This

brief article hopes to expose yet more of their architectural codes and concoctions.

The particular location at present is Montreal, Quebec , Canada (still in Canada , but for how

long no one knows).

The Evidence:

1. The square root of 33 is 5.74 (first three numbers). - square root 33 -.

2. The 5.74 line of Longitude is linked to Noah, according to masonic legend the man that

brought the evil of freemasonry from the world civilization that existed before the Great

Flood which washed the nephilim and their brood from the face of the Earth. .

3. Apparently, the cleansing of the Earth did not reach Montreal. The Montreal Observatory is

a very odd building. It is 574 feet in height and leans at a 45 degree angle. Quite a feat - but why

would an architect do that? .

4. Height at 574 feet for Montreal Observatory= scroll to near bottom /

It is the tallest inclined tower in the world. Why just the amount of feet to indicate the square

root of the Freemasons? Coincidence - again?

5. The 45 degree angles is associated with freemasonry as well. The Masonic designed capital

city of the USA , Washington, D.C. is set at a 45 degree angle. The cornerstones of the 45 degree

angles that comprise the borders of the city are set at magnetic north. .

Another masonic coincidence? see photos: .

The gawkers looking at the mountains do not realize that they are paying homage to the

masonic overlords of Montreal. They love contraptions and smoke and mirrors to show they are

clever and more intelligent than the "little people". They are wrong . First they will be exposed

and then , as God wills it, they will be dismantled.


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