Friday, December 14, 2007

Chaos of Lucifer links Silicon Valley Capital to Rosicrucian Headquarters and Bank of America

Silicon Valley is the home of the 'chip' and the electronics revolution. It is known as a center

for new ideas and inventions, possibly without equal in the world. While many applaud this, the

fact remains that technology is now spawning out of human control. It is almost as if the process

of new tech building upon new tech has become unstoppable and reached critical mass.

This sounds wonderful, but the question should be what purpose, to what end is

all of this leading to? Are there not dangers such as nanotechnology creating a gray goo that eats

the world or mark of the beast spychips or human and plant or insect or fish or animal hybrids?

No one ever asks....much less answers these questions which come "out of the box" in the valley

of silicon. This writer believes the box...may in fact be Pandora's box. The numerology of evil

is there - it just needs to be exposed. That is the purpose of this article and others like it. To

shine the light on that which spawns quitely in darkness - hopefully before it is too late.

Hidden 666 regarding Silicon Valley and Rosicrucian Headquarters:

1. San Jose, California: Self-proclaimed Capital of Silicon Valley.,_California / / .

2. San Jose, California is at 37.18 Latitude N. . Nearly 8000 high tech companies in the city.

3. The Rosicrucians are encrusted deeply into San Jose, California. and .

4. The number 37 has some very unusual properties. To begin with it has an extensive relation

to 666. 37 X (6+6+6) or 18 = 666. . There is also a link to

the freemason 33. 37= 33 + 3 + 3/3 . .

scroll down 60% 2x9x37= 666 which means that 37 is the largest prime number that can be multiplied to get to the number of the beast. .

5. The number 18 is linked to 666. . The previous

link notes that there are 18 letters in sixhundredsixtysix. .

6. The number 666 is associated with the Number of the Beast. Many believe it is the RFID

chip or some variant that will be the "mark of the beast". .

7. The 'Father of RFID' started his business of evil in silicon valley, moving there from the east

coast of the USA. The first prototype used a 36 square inch circuit board. .

36 is a number closely linked to 666. The sum of all numbers from 1 to 36 = 666. .

8. The Bank of Italy building in San Jose, California was until recently the tallest building in

downtown San Jose, Capital of the City of the Mark of the beast Chip. .

9. . 78 meters is the height of the Bank of Italy

building. 78 meters is 258 feet which happens to be the same first three numbers of the square

root of 666. . coincidence?

10. San Jose is in Santa Clara County which has Santa Clara University, a Jesuit institution

with alleged links to the illuminati. The founder of the Bank of Italy is also linked to the

illuminati and went on to start the Bank of America. see: Some say Santa Clara University is

a training ground for illuminati politicians. scroll down: 70% .

scroll down 70% to Bank of Italy link to illuminati.

11. Bank of Italy link to to creation of Bank of America and the Jesuits: .

12. The sum of 37 and 18 is 55. A number with extensive numerlogical connections. / / "direct line to the akashic

records..." .

13. In Rosicrucian occultism , allegedly , the number or figure 55 correlates to "the chaos of

lucifer". .

** The city of San Jose, California was for a time the Capital city of the State of California. It is

obvious that this birthplace of silicon valley the spychip and only God knows what else is an

area linked to the occult through ley lines of psychic energy. The Rosicrucians set up shop here

for a reason. The 37 is linked to 666 as is the 18. The two combined equals according to their

own reasoning luciferic chaos. They are getting the information for these diabolical devices and

more from the akashic record. They are not inventing anything. They are rediscovering atlantis

based technology through occultism. The call it High Tech. It is really reverse engineering.


The building from which started Bank of America is linked to the square root of 666. It is in

the capital of silicon city - or better said satan's city? Coincidence? ... yet again?

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