Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cubed 666 Pi links Salem Witches to Montsegur Cathars

Ongoing research into infernal illuminati numerology is providing indications that it is far more

complex than originally thought. The ancient greek philosopher Pythagoras appears more and

more to be a mathematical version of St. John the Divine who wrote the end times Book of


Pythagoras attended a so-called mystery school and learned that all things were related to

numbers or had a number assigned to them. 666 is the number of the beast. There appears now

to be indicia that 666 is a address from which the entity will incarnate into our

world and emerge from. There also are indicia that the 666 may be coded or disguised in some

manner to allow the abomination to better succeed in its mission from hell and to protect it

while it is young, vulnerable and in the incubation stage.

The purpose of this article is to expose the likely lurking spots from whence the antichrist will

emanate from. To shine the light on that which spawns , breeds and morphs into human form in

total darkness.


1. We will begin with the math facts: 666 is the number of the beast. 666 CUBED is 6x6x6 =


2. The pi of 666 is : 2092.30071 place - 666 pi - hit search.

3. This writer has been linking geospatial lines of latitude and longitude as part of the inquiry

into illuminati addresses, locations, firms and entities for some time. see: for numerous articles on the topic.

4. Therefore, 216 is 21.6 Latitude and 2092 is 20.92 Latitude for purposes of theoretical

analysis. This writer then decided to try something a bit different and ADDED the two numbers

together of the "latitude" for 666 cubed and the "latitude" for 666 pi and came up with 21.6 +

20.92 = 42.52 "latitude" in this theoretical analysis.

5. This writer then researched what places of interest would arise along the latitudinal line of

42.52 latitude North and found the following:

6. The Nation of Italy in which rose the Roman Empire, the Vatican and the evil P2 Masonic

Lodge is CENTERED at 42.5 Latitude N. .

7. There are many that believe that the looming evil of the antichrist and its associated one

world government and relgion will emerge from italian soil. The following information is noted

and the reader must do his or her own analysis: / / / . The previous link cites the antichrist as reigning for

1,260 years. Oddly, this is an anagram of 2.16 -1.26 , a mirror image of sorts or coincidence?

8. Salem , Massachusetts is where the most famous witch burning in American history took

place. "ironically, the due to the notoriety of the trial that has survived to this day, tourist

influence has now made Salem known for a high density of occult themed shops" .

What none of those shops sell is information that the very location of Salem on 42.52 latitude is

evil and is a combination of the numerical/spiritual energies of 666 cubed and pi 666. Further,

while this may not be a "politically correct" statement - it bolsters the likelihood that the women

really were involved in witchcraft and evil and were burned for good reason under the laws

of those times. See latitude Salem, Mass. scroll down 25% .


9. The Cathars made their last stand against the Catholic Church in the fortress of Montsegur.

They were believed to be devil worshippers according to the Church and practicioners of the

Black Mass. According to some pagans "in medieval catharism, this secret knowledge was

identified with the figure of Lucifer... offshoots calling themselves 'luciferians'... veneration of a

black cat...use of a naked female as the altar ...use of fecal matter as the Host..." .

10. The last remaining Cathars when the mountaintop fort of Montsegur fell were- coincidence?

Burned alive like the Salem Witches. See complete timeline:

11. The location of Montsegur, France is exactly in alignment with Salem , Massachusetts: . scroll down half-way.

12. The alignment of Montsegur has previoulsy been noted to coincide with their partner

Bogomil sect in Bulgaria. The present article now ALSO must note that the Bogomil location is

a) in alignment with Salem, Mass. and its witches and occult shops and linked to 666 cubed /pi.

and b) This further explains then that the Cult of 42 , coming from the fictional work : The

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , which says that 42 is the ANSWER TO EVERYTHING really

means that for evildoers 666 is the answer to everything. .

What additional evil may lie on this parallel will be studied for future articles.....


The Salem Witches are likely some reincarnated Cathars continuing in their evil...and

continuing to be torched. Today their service to evil is "legal" and they can practice the black

arts in Amerikkka as a "Right". It s those who try to stop them that are burned at the stake.

The 666 alignments of any kind ATTRACT souls linked to the Black Brotherhood and Sisters

of the Shadow to be born there. The Law Of Attraction brings them there and allows them to

incarnate in human bodies to carry on their so-called Great Work, the preparing of the way for

the arrival of their infernal master. We , who serve God, must oppose and with his help , stop

this. My task is to give you information. Have you discovered what your task is? If so, get to

work....the hour is near. The clock strikes midnight soon.

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Anonymous said...

Are you justifying the Salem witch trials? Just asking...

Also, you seem to generalize Paganism, as "Devil worship"...

Pagans worship their gods...Not 'their false gods', not 'demons', or even 'the Devil'...

Just...their gods...