Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Golden Ratio 666 Phi link to Bangkok Sex Slaves

The present is one of a series of articles exposing complex satanic algebraic and algorithmic

systems that seem associated with so-called Ley Lines or for the chinese, dragon lines across the

globe. They are all based on the latitude and longitude points of the globe which in turn are

based on the babylonian circle with 360 degrees (there is no reason a circle must have that

number of degrees, it could be 100 - 200 - 50 etc...) .

The present article notes the connection between the mystical phi or golden ratio of 666 and the
same number making its presence in Bangkok, the city of bordellos , including those that offer

children for debasement at a cheap price for western and japanese pedophile elites.


1. The Golden Ratio explanation: It has been called "God's Ratio". www.creationanswers.net/inteldesign/GODRATIO.HTM

2. more link to God at: www.evolutiontruth.com/goldensection/theology.htm / www.goldennumber.net/theology.htm .

3. The Golden Ratio for 666 , the number of the antichrist, the man of sin that will demand

that humanity bow to him as a messiah is found by going to http://www.google.com/ and inserting the

following: - 666 phi - . The result is 1077.61064 .

4. Taking the first 4 numbers before the decimal point and extrapolating them as lines of

either latitude or longitude we have 10.77 be it latitude north or south or longitude east or west.


5. The antichrist is known as the Man of Sin and Bangkok is renowned around the world for

its sex slave trade bordellos that operate with near impunity and cater to the lecher trade. www.verbalgurgle.blogspot.com/2006/05/ten-things-about-bangkok.html / www.globosapiens.net/travel-information/Bangkok-253.html and www.fodors.com/world/asia/thailand/bangkok/entity_425834.html .

Note_- - all links or google using the word Bangkok and sin or sex or anything of that nature

should be avoided or approached with extreme caution. This writer does not believe in the

appropriateness of these sites be it in real life or in cyberspace. Lawbreaking is to be avoided.

The reader explores at own legal risk***> .

6. The longitude of Bangkok , Thailand is 100.7 - The number of the golden ratio or phi 666
www.asterweb.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery-detail.asp?name=bangkokport or a near exact match.

In fact the line 100.77 as you can surmise from the map splits Thailand right down the middle. www.circleofasia.com/maps/mapofthailand.asp .


Another coincidence or evidence that a ley line associated with "sin" in every form possible

also happens to be located in the global red light capital as it near approximates the Golden

Ratio of the number of the man of sin. You reader must decide.

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