Thursday, December 13, 2007

Square Root 33 Pi 666 Cubed equals Hitler Birthplace Branau

The analysis of illuminati phenomenon has reached a new level, that of pi , the square root and

cubed numbers. This experiment has led to fruitful results and seems to indicate that the forces

behind the illuminati are 1) evil beyond comprehension and 2) Hyper-Intelligent compared to

a human being of even genius level mind capabilities.

Certain aspects of the phenomenon appear to be almost mathematically impossible to describe

or denigrate as mere coincidence. That being said, let the reader as always decide:

Do the math as the slang saying in american english goes - here is the evidence:

1. . Then enter - square root 33 - the power number of the Freemasons.

The first three digits of the answer are 5.74. Assume these are lines of latitude or longitude.

2. Then enter -6 cubed (which is 6x6x6) - the number of the beast.

The answer is 216 or 21.6.

3. Then enter - 666 pi -the number of the beast again.

The first four digits are 2092 or 20.92.

* So we have 5.74 + 21.6 + 20.92 = 48.26. Let us assume this is a line of latitude North.

Where is this location then on our planet???

Braunau , Austria: .

4. What famous person was born in Braunau, Austria? ADOLF HITLER /

5. Hitler is considered the "antichrist" : scroll down 85% / .


But there is more: The numbers 48 and 26 have meaning as well. That being of the 48.26.

a) The number 48 is associated with the ancient greek weapons design and mathematics genius

named Archimedes: His Great Rhombicuboctahedron has 48 Vertices and his Small

Rhombicuboctahedron has 48 edges. .

b) likewise the Great Rhombicuboctahedron has 26 Faces and the Small Rhombicuboctahedron

has 26 faces as well. . Archimedes was a man ahead of his time

even though he lived before Jesus Christ. His formulas are still being resolved with high speed

supercomputers to do calculations he did with a stencil and paper. This provides some possible



c) The universe may be 26 dimensional. / scroll

down 30% and / .

d) The so-called Crown of the Torah is acquired by 48 ways: .


It appears that the forces of evil operate on a mathematical paradigm which may pinpoint a

weakness in their machinations that may be taken advantage of. First however, one must

figure out the design. That is the purpose behind these articles. To assist in discovering the

location from which the abomination will emerge.Then it will be up to others to fulfill their

alloted tasks.

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