Thursday, December 13, 2007

33 Stratosphere Tower and 6 cubed Czech Zizkov Mind Control Tower exposed

The time is short. The darkness approaches. The purpose of these articles is to warn those

who have the power and opportunity to act to gain wisdom about the pending arrival of the

abomination in human form that will rule the One World Government and the Unified Global

Religion. The Great Beast of Revelations -the Man of Sin numbered 666.

This present matter will briefly show the relationship...yet another one between Illuminati

numerology and buildings designed to serve evil that are all around us , hiding in plain sight.

The Evidence:

1. Las Vegas , Nevada Stratosphere Tower: . It is

1149 feet tall and rises on three pillars. See photo of three-pillared base. .

It is the tallest building in the USA west of the Mississippi river.

2. The square root of 1149 is 33.8969025. insert - square root 1149 - .

The number 33 is the power number of the Freemasons. . If one totals all of the digits it comes

to 45. The capital of the USA is aligned at a 45 degree angle. Masonic rods or staffs, similar to

a tower in a manner of speaking are carried at 45 degree angles in initiation ceremonies. scroll down
60% .

The newly discovered Bosnia pyramid has 45 degree angles pointed towards the Cardinal points

of the compass. . scroll down 90% to see the layout of

Washington D.C. is a square grid rotated 45 degrees or an oblique grid. .

45 is also 4+5 or 9 which is 3x3 or 33 and also 3+3+3 or 333 both numbers with obvious mason


3. The three pillar base is reminiscent of the 3 pillars in Mecca that represent satan. .

This all may be appropriate after all in SIN CITY - Las Vegas.

4. The pi of 1149 insert - 1149 pi - is 3609.68996 . The number 36 is code for

666 = . Oddly enough, Las Vegas happens to sit on latitude 36.09 .


6 cubed or 6x6x6 = 216. This has been known code for 666 . and / .

6. A communist era tower that was used to jam west German TV signals also made people sick

and seemed to cause toaster problems. The Prague zizkov TV tower. It is 216 meters high. It

began giving people headaches and making household appliances transmit radio signals. .

Like the stratosphere in sin city, it looms over ancient Prague. This is a symbol in code of the

dominion of 666 over the Czech Republic. .

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