Monday, December 24, 2007

Golden Ratio Phi 1.618 exposes Order of the Eastern Star satanic secrets

This writer believes that the following information will go a long way to proving his thesis that

the Illuminati use of numerical codes can be linked , associated and extrapolated DIRECTLY to

geospatial locations somewhere on the Earth. For example: 666 can be longitude 6.66 or 66.6 or

even .666 latitude and so forth. Likewise, the masking or code or attempt to hide the true

nature of the number can be ingenious such as utilitzing square root, cube root, phi, pi and so on.

This particular article is but one small piece of the puzzle. The reader is encouraged to do the

same type of research. All one needs is access to type in the number, such as

square root 666, hit search and it is off to the races --- because time is running short and those

of us that serve humbly the hosts of Heaven, need to redouble our efforts to expose that which

is now spawning in the darkness...eager to enter our world.

Present Matter: Female Masonic hive known as Order of the Eastern Star , of course,

coincidentally or "coincidentally" linked to Phi / 1.618 , a mathematical concept utilized by the

ancient greeks and architects of antiquity and iniquity.


1. Basics on Phi / 1.618 - Link to Human Body / Shape and anatomy .

2. Phi 1.618 comes close to proving the existence of God by disproving the possibility of

coincidence as a reason for the consequent appearance of this number ratio in many areas of

Nature. If what can be mathematically observed as a code or sequence in creation is not by

mere chance - - it must be by design and therefore it must have a DESIGNER. - God himself. .

3. More on Phi 1.618 at .

BACKGROUND on Order of the Eastern Star :

4. It is the largest fraternal organization for Men and Women in the World. For lack of a better

way to say it, it is an auxilliary of the Freemasons. It's symbol is a Pentagram. An UPSIDE

DOWN Pentagram. In the USA there are primarily white members although thousands of

black women and a moderate number of black men have joined in recent decades as well. see-

symbol scroll to bottom .

One of the versions of the Eastern Star pentagram has the word FATAL inside it ominously.

(see previous link).

5. For young females there are Rainbow Girls and Job's Daughters. DeMolay is for young males .

6. The main headquarters for the Order of the Eastern Star is in Washington , D.C. , city that

happens to be designed itself with a large upside down Pentagram which most researchers and

readers of this genre have seen before. see: .

7. Coincidence? Well , Phi 1.618 is an angle that is linked to the structure of a Pentagram ,the

symbol of the Order of the Eastern Lodge, whose headquarters are inside the city with the

huge internal upside down pentagram design. .

8. What is the address of the Order of the Eastern Star in Washington D.C.?

"The awe-inspiring International Temple located at 1618 New Hampshire Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20009 " scroll down 50% .

Another coincidence, that the Phi 1.618 used in symbols with upside down pentagrams is the

address for Eastern Star, whose symbol is an upside down pentagram and whose main temple is

in the capital of the USA, whose masonic design includes a huge upside down pentagram????

9. Do you want to write to them and see if this is just an odd happenstance? Sure. Try the

address for Job's Daughters International at:

200 E. Plato Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55107-1618

...?...! More coincidence , reader?

Speculation: Job's Daughters International is an anagram for Jab - UH - Nal or Jabhulon. See-

JOB-DaUgHters-InternatioNAL . The deity of the freemasons is Jabhulon also spelled Jabulon. .

Speculation: Rainbow Girls anagram is REIGN BELOW Girls ...

In Arthur Golding's Abraham's Sacrifice written in 1575, the play has a speaking role for Satan:

"As God by his in Heaven is Honored:
So I by mine on Earth am worshipped.
God dwells in Heaven, and I on Earth likewise
God maketh peace, and I do wars devise.
God reigns above, and I do REIGN BELOW" scroll down 50%.

Further: The address is on Plato Boulevard and he believed that Phi 1.618 "to be the key to the

physics of the universe." .

scroll down 50%.

See again Phi in the Pentagram: .

The final portion of the address is in St. Paul - When the British took over eastern Canada from

the french they "built another St. Paul's Church where the local masons convened and plotted

ways to rid the city of Roman Catholics. The Church was built on the phi 1.618 formula as were

all masonic churches..." scroll down 25% .


The Order of the Eastern Star uses masonic and occult numerology in addresses. This goes a

long way in showing that the phenomenon of numerology by the illuminati elites is linked to

their address numbers, building heights, zip codes, phone numbers, building design and even

city location and skyscraper floor number. Coincidence, really doesn't cut it here does it?

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