Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cube Root 666 linked to Corsica Birthplace of antichrist Napoleon Bonaparte

The Illuminati code of energy ley or dragon lines now appears to be discernible in some

aspects. Various numbers such as 666 and the masonic 33 also appear to have 1) occult energy

when cubed , square root, phi, pi and so forth and ; 2) The various numbers in the open or in

disguise appear to correlate to lines of longitude and latitude which also appear to note energy

ley / dragon lines straddling the earth.

Previous articles have noted this recently discovered phenomenon in other locations. This

article hopes to add more information to the reader as primary in importance and then to add to

the weight of evidence to prove the truth of this theorem by sheer weight of numbers putting

coincidence as an illogical explanation for the phenomenon.

The present matter deals with Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous french leader , believed by

some to have been one of the several antichrists predicted by famous clairvoyant Nostradamus.

OCCULT linked NAPOLEON as a NOSTRADAMUS antichrist Evidence:

1. Napoleon in prophesy-

and scroll down 80% / .

2. Napoleon and Freemasonry: The "destroyer of Europe" .

3. Napoleon as a Merovingian: .

4. Napolean as Illuminati: scroll down 45% .

Cube Root of 666 = 8.73289174

5. The asmodeus algebra or astaroth algoritm has previously been noted in another so-called

antichrist predicted by Nostradamus named Adolf Hitler. . Birthplace Braunau, Austria.

6. Using the same methodology in extrapolating the number to a line of latitude or longitude ,

we have 8.73.

7. The Longitude of Ajaccio, Corsica is 8.73 and .

8. Napoleon Bonaparte - Destroyer of Europe and called by Nostradamus an antichrist was

born in Ajaccio, Corsica, The Cube Root of 666 - and .


Another antichrist accident? Yet another coincidence? Or has this writer stumbled upon the

illuminati Ley Line Code? A possible way to determine the likely rising spot of the evil entity in

human form known as the antichrist or a fluke? Remember, the creature "from the eternal sea

he rises"...Corsica is an island. It is surrounded by the sea. Another oddity or sign of the times?

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Jaime Allen said...

I believe that the Illuminati used this numbers and learned about Bonaparte and then took him to rise, Nostradamus prophecies are being carried out by the Illuminati. Like 9/11, for example. It is not a coincidence. Hitler was taken to rise by the Illuminati. Just do some research and you will see this.