Sunday, December 9, 2007

Longitude 666 links Bolivia Cocaine Coup to Afghan Heroin

For some time, previous emphasis was on the line of latitude and illuminati phenomenon on

previous articles. Current research into lines of Longitude indicates that there is also a link

with Illuminati activity that can be borne out mathematically. Like Pythagoras said 20 centuries

ago or more - numbers connect everything....Everything.

The current matter notes an odd "coincidence" of the line of longitude 66.6 going right through

the territory where coca is grown in Bolivia and where heroin is grown in Afghanistan. Not just

through some portion of both nations but right through the exact regions where the illicit and

poisonous plants are grown under the protection of the most evil groups to walk the earth -

the nazi-fomented cartels and their cousins in the middle east.



1. The cocaine capital of the world. This is widely known. .

2. Chapare region and primary city of Cochabamba are the prime coca growing areas. scroll

down 25% .

3. The longitude of 66.6 in Bolivia can be clearly seen on the following link: .

4. Cocaine coup in Bolivia was instrumental in setting up the south american and later Mexican

drug cartels. The plotters had extensive assistance from WWII era Nazi elements including the

Butcher of Lyon , Klaus Barbie. / .

5. Cocaine is linked with negative spiritual entities known as 'coke bugs'. / .

6. "In other cases, an evil spirit may enter us because of involvement in evil practices...* Those

who use...cocaine..." scroll down 30% .

7. The usage of cocaine deteriorates not only the physical body but also the astral body as well.

"self inflicted users of ...cocaine...will dim the color of the energy life forces,creating dark spots

over the area of the liver." scroll down 50% . The Pineal gland is linked to cocaine

and other drug sensitization. .

8. The Pineal gland is the Third Eye of the psychic powers and the illuminati. / .

So... a nazi aided coup puts into play the cocaine cartels that sell their poison to people across the

planet. An evil that leads to coke bugs and affects the long-believed brain center for psychic

power and phenomena. All of this from a country that leads the world in coup d'etats and is the

ground zero for cocaine. Split right down the middle by 666. Reader...a coincidence?


9. Afghanistan is the opium and heroin capital of the world. This is widely known. and has now passed Colombia as the narco profits

capital -of any kind of illicit drug- in the world. .

10. The capital of opium production in Afghanistan is the stomping ground of Mullah Omar , the

leader of the Taliban - Kandahar Province. "But to central asians, Kandahar is babylon in burqas

and sodom and gomorah with sand." . The top heroin

dealer in afghanistan is based in Kandahar. .

11. Kandahar is the gay or male homosexual capital of the entire central asian region.,2933,44067,00.html and pedophile gay capital may fit better the

real description. Birds are said to fly over Kandahar with only one wing. The other is covering

their anus...this is a "joke" about the widespread nature of the phenomenon. .

12. What is the longitude of Kandahar province? Well, the 66.6 line of longitude splits it right

down the middle - no pun intended. . . coincidence? again?

This numerology may explain also why coups never end in Bolivia and war and sheer evil is an

endless daily part of life in Afghanistan in general and Kandahar in particular. 666 what else can

one expect? This further provides evidence to the thesis of this writer that 666 The number of

the beast, the antichrist, is AN ADDRESS. It is where the entity will be born and emerge from.


Once again numerology of evil in geospatial terms is borne out by evidence that is readily and

easily obtainable. The ley lines of evil create a dark aura that draws to it souls of black magicians

and those who wander in the path of the shadow. It leads souls from the Black Brotherhood in

the lower astral plane to be born there. This is part of the spiritual law of attraction. As there

are holy sites, there are evil places. There can be no question that the drugs produced from the

lands of 666 are the devil's own. Now the numbers add up. Billions and Billions of profits = 66.6.

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