Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ithuriel's Spear and Golden Ratio 666 phi expose Satanic Chrysler Building

The illuminati code is being unraveled bit by bit and piece by piece. A new avenue of research

into the numerology secretly utilized by the occult order is the usage of advanced mathematical

concepts in their building design , addresses, heights , angles and geospatial locations along the

latitude and longitude lines circling the earth.

This particular article focuses on just one small piece of the puzzle the so-called Golden Ratio

of 1.618 or phi and its activation of the 666 number of the beast energies used by illuminists in

their rituals and magic (which is really a type of technology that we are told by them cannot be

real and does not exist).

Satanic Background of Chrysler:

1. The Chrysler Corporation seems to like evil in its car names, logos and advertisements. A

link to a false rapture: .

2. Logos = masonic? and Masonic nature

of the company suspected: .

3. The idea of the height of a building having occult significance is not new...think of the Tower

of Babel or see: .


a) go to and insert 666 phi ; b) The answer is 1077.61064 .

4. The idea of the Chrysler building as a Temple of Evil is not new. .

5. Walter Chrysler was a Freemason: .

6. The Chrysler Museum is on Freemason Street: .

7. The Freemasons are well aware of The Golden Ration and phi. .

8. The Chrysler Building is the tallest brick building in the world and for a while was the tallest

in the world period. .

9. The height in feet of the Chrysler Building is 1077 feet, identical to the first four numbers

and all of the numbers before the decimal point for the Golden Ratio or phi of 666. scroll down 40%.

and see: .


Chrysler is a car company. It hires thousands of engineers who are familiar with phi. It was the

tallest building in the world. It is inconceivable that someone...repeat SOMEONE did not figure

out that the tallest building in the world at the time and the flagship icon of the car company

would have a height in feet numerically and numerologically speaking , to mean SIX SIX SIX.

The building looks like a spear...maybe the one that pierced the side of Christ....and Chrysler

sounds like Christ-Killer does it not? Exactly what the antichrist 666 or 1077 hopes to do.

Then of course, there is Satan Starting from Ithuriel's Spear: . .

Is the Chrysler Building an illuminist optical illusion of Ithuriel's Spear? Reader Must Decide.


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