Sunday, February 21, 2010

Austin Tax-icide links Victor Hugo to Echelon Movie

The February 18, 2010 suicide plane attack on an Austin , Texas IRS office , was clearly the

work of the global "hidden hand" known as The Illuminati. Andrew Joseph Stack allegedly

piloted a small plane into the ECHELON building killing several and wounding 13 (again the

number 13 always comes up in these attacks). This is now global media disseminated "news".

What is the real story? Again, this writer will argue , the evidence shows a psyops - false flag or

synthetic terrorism attack created by NWO forces loyal to the Illuminist elites.


1. Austin is a masonic capital of the Lone Pentagram State of Texas. and .

2. The Plane attack hit the Echelon Building where the IRS office was located. The address

was numbered 9430 Research - scroll down 70% .

3. The perpetrator that is alleged to have done this is Andrew Joseph Stack or Joseph Andrew

Stack (name has appeared both ways). .

The previous link says that Mr. Stack worked as an embedded software consultant. So what

we have is a computer expert and a non-accidental plane crash.

4. The movie The Echelon Conspiracy appeared on the big screen in 2009. In this movie , a

young computer engineer is encouraged by strange text messages on his cell phone to avoid

missing a scheduled plane flight which he later learns has crashed shortly after take-off. .

Echelon in reel life and real life. Computer Engineer with something weird going on in reel life as

well as real life. Plane crashing shortly after take off by design not accident in reel life and real

life. Government agencies involved in surveillance , computers , and so forth in the movie as well

as in what we are led to believe is "real life". Can this really be coincidence?

5. Further , The Echelon program is a vast NSA covert surveillance program that is suspected

of deep penetration of every aspect of communications across the world. See: and " ECHELON was capable of interception and content

inspection of telephone calls..." .

6. Victor Hugo wrote the famous novel , Les Miserables. He was a Freemason , like Stephen

Fuller Austin, the founder of Masonic Texas.

and Victor Hugo was a Rosicrucian and the GrandMaster of the DaVinci Code-linked Priory of

Sion. Scroll down 70% for photo. .

7. The protagonist or hero in Les Miserables , a prisoner , changes his name or better said

number from 24,601 to 9,430. . Jean

Valjean , who has a long struggle with the brutish french state for stealing bread becomes #

9430. Andrew Joseph Stack III , who has a long struggle with the fascist Amerikkkan State for

not paying enough "bread" or money on his taxes , flies a plane into ECHELON 9430. More odd

coincidence , you say??? Further , it happens to be Victor Hugo's birthday 24-6-01. .


Victor Hugo owned and lived in a home on the Channel island of Guernsey. . Supposedly the house is haunted by the soul of

a woman that committed suicide. Guernsey is an international offshore Tax Haven. .

There is obvious conflict between the tax man and the tax haven. .

Andrew Joseph Stack III was carrying on the work of Jean Valjean of Les Miserables. A masonic

plot. A media ploy. The brainwashing of the masses continues unabated.


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