Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zionist Legion Movie has God as Mankind's Enemy

The destruction of American culture , values and morals has its roots and ground zero in the

zionist-controlled studios of Hollywood. Movie after Movie brainwash the sheeple and spread

the ideology of Luciferianism throughout the world. Of particularly shocking noteworthiness was

the recent "D" grade-at-best , movie named "LEGION". See: and .

It portrays an Armageddon or Apocalypse in which God gives up on mankind while the

Messiah is "enroute" so to speak in a pregnant woman working as a waitress in a Cafe in the

Arizona desert. In this movie God , sends demons to possess humans to kill the pregnant woman

before the child is born. This is an idea so horribly repugnant , that to this writer , the idea itself

must have come from Satan. The movie then has the Archangel Michael, the Commander of the

Spiritiual armed forces of God, the angelic being that leads the Heavenly hosts in battle against

Lucifer in his attempt to take Heaven-by-Storm , into a rebel angel himself. Michael , in effect,

becomes Lucifer. This "Michael" then goes to the Arizona Cafe in defiance of God's instructions

to protect the Messiah from the Demons sent by the almighty to kill or abort his own son. Can

you think of a movie plot more horrible than this one, in recent memory?

Michael does this because he still believes in Mankind and apparently knows better than God

what is correct and knows better than God how to rule the world. This is straight out - flat out -

Luciferianism , from the Satanic Bible itself. That idea is embedded in the thought that Satan

tried to "help" mankind by giving it fruit to eat from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

This is also the reason why Prometheus , who brings fire from the heavens down for mankind,

in defiance of the will of Zeus , is seen as a symbol for the Illuminati. and .

What is particularly disturbing is the fact that the Archangel Gabriel is being sent to kill the

woman and unborn child. Gabriel in the Christian tradition is the angel that announces to the

Virgin Mary , good tidings - that she will be the mother of the Messiah.

The movie can be described as nothing more than a satanically inspired , grotesque storyline of

pure evil.


Mossad-controlled Hollywood or Hellywood has done this before and the message of evil from

the forces of darkness is becoming ever more open , clear and unambiguous. See: and

In the movie LEGION , the zionist director , Scott Stewart "came on board he had the idea to

change the demons to angels....what Scott told me was that since he's jewish , pulling from the

Old Testament was a more obvious choice for him." . The film stars Paul Bettany who left

his belief in Christ behind to become an atheist. .


A movie that was this destructive of core beliefs of the Zionist faith would never be allowed out

of Hollywood. Anyone proposing such a thing would be blackballed and blacklisted. Mel Gibson

was nearly destroyed for making the movie The Passion of the Christ , which simply retold the

Biblical account of the event (and those biblical passages were written by Jews). See: .

It will be difficult for the Zionists to attack Christianity in a more repulsive manner than with the

movie LEGION.....but they will try. Allegedly, a prequel is in the works.


Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

prasanth pasumarthi said...

god is to decide everything not movies angles protect us from demons plzzz stop this know depths of bible rise ur voice aganist demon not god and angels

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