Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kim Yu-Na fips the bird at antichrist Kim Jong-Il

At times it seems as if life is a movie being played out in a 3D hologram created by some vastly

powerful computer program. The coincidences of life, at times must be anything but coincidence.

This writer had been observing the end of a video game called Final Fantasy X. This game plot

has a protagonist named Yuna. She is a summoner who battles througout the game against a

huge sea monster named " Sin ". The ending of the game happened to coincide with The 2010

Vancouver Olympics. In the Olympics, Korean skater Kim Yu-Na won the Gold Medal in the

Woman's Figure Skating Competition. She made The Sign of the Cross when she began and

dance / skated to a song from the James Bond movie series.


1. and Yuna in the series is of mixed heritage.

She is half Al Bhed , a fictional ethnic group , considered low class or barbaric. This reflects the

japanese society possible view of Koreans , who are second class citizens in Japan. The name

Yuna or Yu-Na is Korean. .

2. Yuna defeasts Sin. The antichrist is known as The Man of Sin. .

3. Kim Yu-Na , the skater is a Catholic and made the sign of the Cross when she began her

winning skate routine. and .

4. The leader of North Korea has deified himself as a "god". and making sign of cross in North Korea could lead to death and execution .

5. Yu-Na chose a James Bond 007 movie theme songs for her routine.,kim-yu-na-to-skate-as-james-bond-girl-at.html

and see / hear her performance: and .

6. Kim Jong Il is a film buff. He went beserk when North Korea was portrayed as a "bad guy"

in a recent James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan. Die Another Day (2002) and scroll down 50% .

The theme song from Die Another Day was used by Kim Yu-Na as part of her 007 medley.


Clearly , the choice of James Bond 007's songs for a medley that included anti-North Korean

Die Another Day was no accident. Neither was Ms. Kim's making the Sign of the Cross before her

victorious performance. IN HOC SIGNO VINCES - under this sign you triumph. It was true on

October 12 , 312 A.D. at the Battle of Milvian bridge as it was on the day that Kim Yu-Na won

and in effect , "flipped the bird" , at Kim Jong Il - a midget antichrist. .

The Bird was The Holy Spirit: . Kim Jong Il

will die within 666 days of her victory.

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